7 Ways That A Bed Base With Adjustability Can Benefit Your Health

Do you wonder if an Adjustable Bedding Base is worth it? No need to wonder anymore. Let us put your doubts at ease once and for all.

An Adjustable bed base allows you to adjust the angle of your head, shoulders, and legs. An Adjustable Bed Base with the best mattress brand is ideal for elevating your head or neck so you can read comfortably in bed, or watch television. It’s also great for pregnant and nursing.

Let’s look at how an Adjustable Bed Base can improve your health. All backed up by science.

1. Spinal Pressure Replacement

The Zero G (zero gravity) setting on an adjustable platform bed base was specifically designed to relieve pressure on your spine. It places your head and knees slightly higher than your stomach and heart. This allows you to distribute your weight evenly and relieves pressure on the common pain points such as the lower back, hips, shoulders, and sciatica.

2. Better Sleep

Feeling ‘weightless in Zero G’ allows you to fall asleep faster and get deeper sleep. This position is perfect for people suffering from insomnia or recurring disturbed sleep.

3. Reduce Heartburn

Acid reflux is also known by its more common name. It happens when stomach acid escapes your stomach and makes its way up the esophagus. It can happen to anyone. The most common causes of chronic heartburn are pregnancy, smoking, and excess body weight. Chronic heartburn is a common problem. However, discomfort can lead to serious health problems such as a weak voice, weakened esophagus, or worsening of your respiratory system.

Acid reflux can flare up if you lie down. Gravity isn’t allowing the contents of your stomach downwards. An adjustable bed base can reduce acid reflux by elevating your head enough to prevent acid from reaching your stomach. This can help reduce episodes’ severity and even frequency.

4. Improve Digestion

Elevated upper bodies allow food to more easily move down the esophagus into the stomach, and then the intestinal tract. A queen adjustable bed base can help you to improve your digestion and get better sleep.

5. Improve Circulation

Elevated legs help the body’s circulation system. Good circulation is an essential component of homeostasis. This is where the body is at its best. The heart can pump blood more efficiently when there is less stress on its heart and lungs. This helps to support the respiratory system by supplying oxygen, and nutrients, and removing carbon dioxide and other waste products.

6. Reduce Swelling

The first thing doctors will do after you have injured your leg is to suggest that you elevate it to reduce the swelling. But swelling can also result from high blood pressure or diabetes. You can reduce swelling by elevating your lower legs and improving circulation to the bottom of your body.

7. Improve Snoring And Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnoea can be caused by snoring or lying on your back. Because it allows your throat and neck tissue to block your airways, this is a problem. As you get older, the tissue loses its flexibility and becomes more problematic. You can relieve the pressure from your airways by elevating your head, even slightly, and this can help to reduce snoring, and other symptoms such as apnea.

You can see that there are many benefits to buying an adjustable base bed. And that’s just the beginning. Vibration therapy combined with zero-G can be very helpful for those suffering from arthritis or varicose. Your bed can also be used as a workspace if you work remotely.

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