8 Characters That Need To Appear In Marvel’s Wolverine

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These figures might show up in the next Wolverine game by Insomniac, which we hope will happen.

Insomniac Games is working hard to make the highly-anticipated Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 game, which will come out in 2023. This game is a straight sequel to their hit PlayStation-only game Marvel’s Spider-Man, which came out in 2018. Thanks to a video shown at the 2021 PlayStation Showcase, fans already know what their next game will be. Marvel’s Wolverine looks like it will treat Logan like a real AAA video game, and Marvel fans are going crazy waiting for it.

A figure like Wolverine has been around for so long that there is a lot to draw from and get ideas from. No matter what story Insomniac Games tells about Wolverine, there are a few people who are related to him and need to show up in some way.


Adding a bad guy for the hero to beat is something that video games can’t do that comic books can. Fans of comics are used to seeing characters and stories come back to life and start over again. In video games, if a bad guy is introduced too early, they might die or lose, making it impossible for them to come back later. The Wendigo solves this problem because it’s not a unique person but a curse that follows anyone in the Canadian wilderness who eats other animals when they’re in trouble.

With a recurring enemy that can attack Wolverine at any time and has a different look depending on who it’s controlling, players could run into it more than once over the course of a trio of games. That could be a plot point in and of itself that Wolverine chooses to look into and possibly solve before the end of his journey.

The Hand

It’s not clear what Wolverine’s story will be about in the Insomniac Games game. If you don’t know when the game takes place or where it takes place, it’s hard to guess what the main enemy will be and what kind of enemies players will have to fight. In Marvel Comics, The Hand is an enemy group made up of expert-level ninjas who work together to kill anything that gets in their way.

Even though Wolverine’s past in Japan probably won’t be the focus of this game, The Hand is a good introduction to what could be explored in a sequel and connects what he’s done in North America with what he’s done overseas.


Romulus is one of Wolverine’s less well-known bad guys, but he might be the scariest of the bunch. He is a primal human who is very smart. He is said to be from a line of people called Lupin who emerged from dogs instead of apes. He is a manipulator and a strategist. Most of the time, he doesn’t want to kill or beat Wolverine. Instead, he leads him toward his darkest, most primal urges.

Romulus doesn’t want Wolverine to calm down his feelings. Instead, he wants Wolverine to give in to his anger and violence. Romulus tells Wolverine that he’s been watching over sheep his whole life, not because he’s a shepherd but because he’s a wolf waiting his turn. This is one of their most famous talks.

Omega Red

Omega Red, for those who don’t know, is the Soviet-era Russian version of the super-soldier program that led to Steve Rogers becoming Captain America. The main change is that Omega Red has carbonadium implants and can steal life energy from enemies. He can’t live without something called a “Carbonadium Synthesiser,” which is often the “McGuffin” in stories about him.

From a story point of view, he can show Wolverine how violence and anger that aren’t directed toward a goal are destructive. Omega Red helps Wolverine realize that he is more than what a lab turned him into and that he can control his wild urges to hurt everything in his way.


Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman both said that Jackman would be back for one last time to play Wolverine in Deadpool 3, which will start filming soon. Deadpool and Wolverine make a great comedy team because they can play the parts of a loose cannon and a straight man. Since Deadpool can break the fourth wall, it’s hard to figure out how to use him in a game like Marvel’s Wolverine, where realism is a big deal.

Even if he only shows up for a few seconds, fans will be shocked that the soldier with a mouth got into another game. It will be a good way to get people excited for the AAA blockbuster game Marvel Games will finally make for the lovable nutcase.


Fans didn’t think it was possible a few decades ago, but the Marvel Cinematic Universe has brought dozens of comic book events and fights to life. There is still one well-known fight that hasn’t made it outside of animation in a big way. Wolverine and the Hulk fighting is the perfect example of the saying “an immovable object meets an unstoppable force.”

Insomniac Games will have to work hard to find enemies that will challenge Wolverine and make Spacebar Clicker game harder for the player, but they already have the right situation in front of them. Here’s hope that if it ends up being in the game, it will only be hinted at in trailers and the full experience will be saved for when the game comes out and the player can try it for themselves.

The X-Men

In movies, Wolverine was the face of the X-Men for 20 years, but that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be in his big AAA game. It’s not clear when in Logan’s life Marvel’s Wolverine takes place.

That means there’s a chance he’s already part of Professor Xavier’s school, but there’s also a chance Wolverine spends most of this game on his own, trying to figure out what his role is. Since the X-Men, or mutants, are such a big group, Wolverine could run into other mutants who will join the X-Men in the future but aren’t part of the team yet.


With Marvel’s Spider-Man, Insomniac Games showed that they knew how important Marvel Comics figures are to people. They took the time and made the effort to come up with a Spider-Man story that was both real and new. Sabretooth will probably be in Marvel’s Wolverine, but in what way?

That’s when things get interesting, because a story in which Sabretooth is shown as a “friend turned foe” or a situational antagonist could make the relationship between the two killing robots much more interesting and engaging. Sabretooth is often presented as a one-dimensional brute, but this game gives him the chance to be much more than that.

Marvel’s Wolverine is being made for PS5 right now.

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