8 good reasons why you should have your carpet cleaned

Carpets are very susceptible to dirt. Yes, they can even act as dirt magnets, soaking up dirt from the bottom of your shoes and feet, soaking up spilled liquids and, of course, home to dust and hair.

So what are my eight reasons why I encourage you to consider steam cleaning your carpet?

Here it is:

1. It’s cheap: Yes, using your own steam cleaner is cheaper than getting a carpet cleaner to clean the carpets for you.

2. Only water. The only thing you need to use the steam cleaner is water! No need to buy expensive chemicals and detergents.

3. Steam kills bacteria. Steam is known for its ability to instantly kill bacteria and microorganisms that harm us. High temperatures disinfect your home easily and safely.

4. Steam cleaners are multi-purpose. Steam cleaners usually come with a variety of attachments, including mops, multiple brushes, extensions, attachments and more. This allows you to use the steamer not only for cleaning carpets, but also for other purposes. You can clean your bathroom, kitchen appliances, car interior and just about anything else you can think of.

5. Improves air quality: Steam is basically heated water vapor. The steam rises and also kills bacteria in the air around you while cleaning. It removes odors and leaves a very clean and fresh smell in your home.

6. Shampooing is old fashioned Yes, shampooing is old fashioned! When you use carpet shampoo, there tends to be a lot left on the carpet fibers. Do you really want dry shampoos on your carpet? I know not!

7. It is ecological: Steam is a green and ecological method of Rengøring af bil. By not using chemicals, you help reduce our chemical waste and, in fact, make a positive contribution to restoring the environment.

8. Don’t worry about your children. Our children and young children spend more time closer to the ground than adults. This means that the fewer chemicals they touch, the better. This makes steam cleaning the obvious choice over using chemical solutions.


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