8 Mobile App Development Trends for Developers to Watch Out For in 2022

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Mobile apps have become an integral part of our everyday lives, and mobile app development company has truly flourished over the past few years. However, it’s always important to stay on top of the latest trends in your industry to keep yourself ahead of the competition and ahead of evolving technologies and requirements from consumers, who are increasingly looking for more out of their mobile devices than just texting and browsing. Here are eight app development trends that you should watch out for in 2022 (and beyond)

1) Chatbots

More and more apps are incorporating chatbots, which help users find information and perform tasks. Businesses can build these bots on their own, but they can also turn to a third-party app development company if they want to save time.

2) Augmented Reality

AR is exploding. With every passing day, more and more developers are creating new AR apps and games. From kids playing with toys that spring up characters from their favorite movies, or adults playing virtual reality games on smartphones, augmented reality is here to stay. It’s even been used in medical practice, such as surgery simulations and other helpful applications. In addition to its practical use cases, AR also offers a lot of novelty value for users of mobile app development.

3) Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is all set to change every aspect of our lives and businesses. With AI-driven bots, virtual assistants, and smart applications, 2018 has already seen a lot of AI action! Tech giants such as Google and Microsoft are investing heavily in AI research.

4) Voice-controlled Devices

A new generation of voice-controlled devices is emerging, like Amazon’s Echo and Google Home. These new gadgets are becoming popular quickly because they are convenient ways of controlling your home with voice commands and performing simple tasks, like getting a weather forecast or traffic updates. The technology behind these devices is only going to get better over time—it’s hard to predict how much these tools will advance over time, but it could be exciting to see what possibilities arise.

5) Cross Platform Apps

The top trend expected to emerge in app development by 2022 is cross-platform app development. The major advantage of developing a cross-platform app is that it will run on multiple devices and platforms with a single code base. With advancements in software development tools, technologies like React Native have made it possible for developers to create apps that work on different platforms. These apps are responsive and provide an enhanced user experience as they can be used on various devices.

6) Single Page Apps

Single page apps have been gaining popularity over time and are growing at a faster rate than mobile native apps. The biggest reason behind their exponential growth is that they load faster and work better on low-bandwidth areas. With increasing penetration of slow networks, there is an ever-increasing need to develop single page apps.

7) Progressive Web Apps

One of the biggest trends, and one that’s likely to have a big impact on app development is progressive web apps (PWAs). Progressive web apps are basically mobile websites built with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript that work offline and can load quickly. They’re designed to replace native mobile apps but don’t require you to purchase an app store license. In fact, it has been reported that they will even load faster than native apps.

8) Integration with IoT Devices

The Internet of Things is expected to grow exponentially, and that means more devices that need their own apps. Many new mobile users will be coming from an IoT background, so it’s only logical that most users want applications that are compatible with smart home devices, wearables and more. Apps used by smartphones or tablets now should have some sort of integration with IoT devices or they’ll fall behind quickly. In order to keep up with consumer demands, developers will have to move fast when integrating these technologies.

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