8 Unknown Facts about Damage-Free Hair, Natural Hair Dye


Ammonia has been an integral component of colouring products for a long time. However, it can cause hair damage, irritation to the eyes or nose, and even skin burns in extreme cases. A hair colour that is ammonia-free would be a good option to protect your hair from damage. Hair colouring can be a great way to enhance beauty. However, it is important to read the ingredients before applying dye to your hair.

Here are some facts about hair colour that is safe for you:

1. You can do less damage with ammonia-free hair colours. Monoethanolamine (MEA), which is a component of alcohol, acts as an alternative pH adjuster in hair colors. MEA is absorbed in a lower-potency form and mixed with emollient oil, which can cause slight damage.

2. Safety: Natural hair dye are safe for hair. Ammonia, a chemical that can damage the hair’s texture and affect its hair, is known as ammonia.

3. Protection: It is important to protect your hair from the damaging UV rays after using chemical-free colors. Cover your hair with a scarf or a cap to protect it from the harmful UV rays.

4. Natural-looking hair is the new trend. These are why neutral colors like ash blonde, bronde and ash brown have become so popular. Ammonia-free hair colour offers a wide range of ultra-natural-looking hair shades, so you can stay ahead of the trends without using harsh chemicals.

5. Strong ammonia smell: This is one of the biggest criticisms regarding ammonia-based dyes for hair. INOA has NO AMMONIA, so it doesn’t have that strong odor. This makes hair coloring a more enjoyable experience for both you and your hairdresser. It’s a luxurious, pampering experience that makes hair coloring a part of your daily routine.

6. The Indus valley provides protection and shine. Healthy hair means softer, fluffier, and better quality hair. The Indus valley not only infuses the hair with nourishing oils that give it a silky smooth look, but also protects its natural moisture levels to prevent dryness and prolong your hair’s life.

7. Itchy scalp? Say no!

Hair colour molecules can cause itching and irritation by the ammonia in hair. Many people with sensitive skin experience harsh reactions from chemical-based products. Indus Valley Ammonia free dye products are a promising solution to these problems.

8. It can also be harmful to the ecosystem: It can cause damage to crops and forests, as well as a potential danger for aquatic species if it is disposed of into the sea. Ammonia molecules are small and quickly evaporate. The evaporation causes a pungent odor. Hair can retain any colour for longer because the melanin isn’t destroyed.

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