8 Web Development Features Your Website Must Have

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For businesses, having an effective and successful website is essential. Your web design in Newcastle can be the first point of contact with potential customers, and it is vital to ensure it has all the necessary features. A well-designed website should have the following web development features to create an engaging, user-friendly experience.

1. Contact Information

Although it seems obvious, many businesses need to pay attention to their web design in Newcastle. Preferably at the top of each page, include the phone number you want customers to contact with sales enquiries. Include a clickable “email us!” call-to-action leading to your contact form. Speaking of forms, make sure your website is filled up with simple contact and enquiry forms. Also, ensure to make it simple for the visitors to stay in contact with you.

2. Responsive Design

A responsive design allows your web design in Newcastle to look good on any device, whether desktop, tablet or mobile. It means your users can easily navigate your site regardless of how they access it. Responsiveness also contributes to better visibility in search engine results pages, as Google takes page speed and mobile-friendliness into account when determining rankings. Making sure your web design is responsive will ensure more people can easily access your site.

3. Blogs

High-quality content is essential for web development in Newcastle. You can process it through online marketing, including social, digital, and other forms. Therefore, start with a blog if you are considering making online marketing efforts. Your blog should get listed on the domain rather than off-site using a service like Blogger.com to receive the most SEO advantage. A blog may benefit your company in so many ways that you might be amazed not to think about starting one for it. 

4. Secure Hosting

Having a secure hosting platform is essential for any web design in Newcastle. A secure hosting platform ensures that any sensitive information submitted through your site is safe. If you do not have a secure hosting platform, you risk losing sensitive customer data to  hackers. It’s important to research different host providers before deciding so you know what security measures they have in place for their clients.

5. Speed Optimisation

No one likes waiting for slow pages to load—this frustrates visitors and affects SEO rankings. It happens because Google considers page loading speed when determining SERP rankings. To ensure that your web design in Newcastle is running fast enough, you must optimise all HTML elements, such as images and videos, so they don’t take too long to load on the page. You should also ensure your server is optimised so all queries are executed as efficiently as possible. Ensuring that these elements are optimised correctly will help keep visitors on your site longer and improve visibility on the search engine results page.

6. SEO Strategy

Customers familiar with your brand can locate your web design, but what about those who aren’t optimising your site with relevant keywords that correspond to a searcher’s goal is the key to increasing traffic and producing leads. All of these things are a component of an educated SEO strategy that your web design in Newcastle must have.

You can use various best practices when creating new pages to aid your SEO strategy.

  • With SEO in mind, craft your titles and meta descriptions, including pertinent keywords.
  • Keep your URLs short, simple to navigate, and keyword-rich.

Your firm name should be on your web design and the metadata, but since it is so prominently displayed there, you almost certainly won’t avoid being found on Google for it. Instead, concentrate on broad phrases that clients who might need to be more familiar with your company are searching for.

7. Images and Videos

Your customers will engage with your website only if it has good visuals. They also prefer to see that you are competent. Show before and after pictures of your work if your business offers services like landscape design, bespoke cabinetry, or IT cable clean-ups. If you don’t have a portfolio, you may show off your immaculately kept fleet of vehicles and machinery instead (take some shots).

Show images of your friendly personnel and your spotless office if you offer services like insurance or life counselling. Even better, add some video. If you don’t have any images of this nature, consider sharing pictures of well-known local sites to demonstrate your ties to the region.

8. About Us

Sharing your narrative and the “why you do what you do” may significantly impact attracting business since people care about who they are doing business with. You can discuss your company’s history, mission, and long-term goals in your website’s About Us section. Consider listing your company’s founders, current executives, and more team members.

Wrapping Up,

A successful web design in Perth requires many different things, including having the right features – responsiveness, secure hosting, and speed optimisation – if you want customers to engage with your brand online. Investing time into researching each feature and ensuring they get implemented correctly is worth it in the long run. Also, it will increase visibility in search engines and improve overall user engagement with your site! So, when you go to build a website for your business, ensure to consider our tips.

Shafie SEO

SEO Blogger

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