9 Steps To Start Decorating For Beginners

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It’s okay to start over because home decor is always changing. We all start somewhere, whether you’re decorating your first place or updating your space for ned collection. Fortunately, you’re here. Our Learning Center has home decor ideas and advice. Any size home can be difficult to decorate. It’s fun and inexpensive if you take it step-by-step.

Let’s start with the 9 beginner decorating steps!

1. Pick Your Decor Style

Choose your home decor style first. Traditional, modern, farmhouse, minimalistic, contemporary, rustic—there are many styles. The list continues! This will be the hardest choice. Consider your interests and personality. Minimalist styles suit simple people who like clean lines. If you like bright colours and patterns, try Bohemian.

Choose home decor that makes you happy. Do what you want—your it’s space!

2. Plan.

Plan your home next. Are you redecorating an entire home or just a few rooms? Avoid stress. Sit down and plan each room.

3. Pick A Palette.

You’ll need a room colour palette after choosing your home decor style. Colors should match your decor style. Boho uses jewel colours like ruby, sapphire, and emerald, while minimalistic uses white, black, and neutrals.

4. Ask Experts

Advice never hurts. Home decor bloggers and Instagram influencers abound. Seeking inspiration from others motivates us to update our homes.

5. Flow

This step follows choosing an interior design style. Farmhouse style in the living room and contemporary in the kitchen won’t work. If you want that, who are we to stop you? However, letting your decor style flow throughout your home makes more sense!

6. Select Essentials

First decorate with your statement pieces. Before decorating, place the bed frame, sofa, and dining table. This will make decorating easier as you know where to add what. Before hanging wall art, place a special plant in the corner of your living room.

7. Take Pictures

Personal photos on the walls are the best way to personalise a home. Our Learning Center is full of framing ideas. Family, wedding, pet, and favourite art photos are great options! Pictures of what matters to you will make you smile every time you see them. We make framing easy: upload your photos, choose a size that fits your wall space, and design your frame!

8. Personalize It.

Our Learning Center always advises doing what looks best in your home. You can decorate each room differently or stick to one style—there are no rules. Only personalise things. Try to personalise things rather than copying someone else’s home (or maybe you do, do whatever you like!). Photos, scented candles, family heirlooms, and even your child’s artwork are examples. These can elevate and personalise your home.

9. Grow Over Time

After adding your essentials, let your decor grow. You can change your smaller decor pieces according to the season, holiday, or even your mood or interests.

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