A Brief Guide to Liver Cirrhosis and its Effective Diagnosis in India

A Brief Guide to Liver Cirrhosis and its Effective Diagnosis in India
A Brief Guide to Liver Cirrhosis and its Effective Diagnosis in India

There can be several liver diseases and medical conditions that can affect the health of liver cells, causing damage or cell death and swelling. When the liver heals after this, it leaves a scar through the process. This condition in which the tissue of the healthy liver of a human being is displaced with scar tissue is called liver cirrhosis.

This scar on the liver because of the repairing process functions as a hindrance for blood flow. When the blood is not flowing correctly, it hinders the ability of the liver to process different nutrients, several hormones, various types of drugs, and even natural poisons. Scar tissue also affects the formation of proteins and other substances produced by the liver.

In short, cirrhosis of the liver will eventually hinder the ability of the liver to work usually. It is essential to understand that cirrhosis in its late stage is life-threatening.

Diagnosis of liver cirrhosis

When you consult your doctor or healthcare provider at Mumbai’s best hospital for liver cirrhosis about the diagnosis, they will start the process by asking about your medical history, supplements consumption, and drug usage.

To diagnose liver cirrhosis, your doctor will do a physical test followed by the following tests:

  • Physical examination – The doctor will examine you for the symptoms of liver cirrhosis.
  • Blood tests – If the doctors confirm cirrhosis from the physical examination, they will conduct blood tests to know more about liver disease.
  • Biopsy- In this test, a piece of the liver will be removed and seen under the microscope. It will help to confirm liver cirrhosis.
  • Imaging tests – The test is done to see the liver ( size, shape, and texture). It will also help to know the amount of scarring and fat in the liver. Different liver imaging tests can include – computerized tomography scans, magnetic resonance imaging, transient elastography, and abdominal ultrasound.

If you want an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan, consult Mumbai’s best hospital for liver cirrhosis, Nanavati Max Super Speciality Hospital.

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