A complete guide for on-demand laundry app development: Cost & Key Features

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It is the time when people look to reduce physical efforts. They just do not want to do hard work which involves physical work. And it is because of digitization and technological advancements. That has made it possible to get what a human wants without making any physical effort. The only thing they need to do is tap a few clicks on their smartphones and the desired product or service will be delivered to their doorsteps. Therefore, people don’t need to leave the comfort of their homes for anything they want. 

The same is being witnessed with laundry, people nowadays are not preferring to do laundry on their own. They are enjoying laundry services from the comfort of their homes. Thanks to laundry mobile apps that are offering on-demand laundry services to the needy ones. Almost across the world. 

According to Verified Market Research, the Global Online On-demand Laundry Service Market was estimated at $9.72 billion in 2019 and it is likely to touch the valuation of $113.24 billion by 2027, at a CAGR of 35.9% from 2020 to 2027. These figures clearly showcase how big the online on-demand laundry market is. 

If you are an enthusiastic entrepreneur or a launderer willing to enter the online world of laundry services. It is the right time. Build your business model and enter the market with an on-demand laundry app solution. To answer all your questions associated with on-demand laundry app development. 


Why do you need an on-demand laundry mobile app?

What should be the features of your laundry app?

How much would it cost to build an on-demand laundry app solution?

We are here. 

In this blog, you will get the answers to almost all the important questions that are must to consider before commencing an on-demand laundry app development. 

So, let’s start with 

Why do you need an on-demand laundry mobile app? 

These are the following reasons which advocate the requirements of an on-demand laundry app solution for your business. 

From Business Perspectives

1. Manage bookings effectively

There comes a time in the laundry business when several orders land at the same time and managing them becomes overwhelming and time taking for the business owner. In such a situation, a laundry app solution comes as a savior that allows business owners to manage orders logically in less time possible. Even using tables, different illustrations, and much more.  

2. Smartly maintain client communications

Thanks to a laundry app solution, a launderer can get to know his customers over a period of time through feedback and customer insight once the customer data is collected in a sufficient amount. Using this, s/he can keep in touch and maintain a good relationship with his customers in the future. 

3. Store important client information 

With an app solution, laundry business owners can collect information about all the app users including all their sessions on the app. S/he can make improvements to its existing services or new ones by analyzing the collected data of the user experience. 

4. Manage staff and review performances effectively

Each staff member on the application has separate accounts or codes to access the app. Users can rate and drop feedback for the service they have got via any of the staff members. This sort of data helps business owners to manage businesses and assess their staff members effectively. 

From Customers’ Perspectives

  1. Ease of booking

Using an on-demand laundry app, clients/customers can place requests for laundry at any time of the day. They can schedule laundry pickup and delivery as well. The mobile application, on the other hand, might avail customers of the reminder facility so they don’t miss the booking. 

  1. Tracking of the laundry process

With the mobile app solution, the customers will be aware of the process their laundry is in at the moment. It lets them rest assured about the safety of their luxury clothes. Also, they can come to know about the delivery of the ready clothes. 

  1. Feedback about the service

The customers can provide feedback for the services they received. It helps business owners to make informed decisions, and influence innovations and changes to the services. Also, the customers feel important, involved, and attached to the brand. 

Key Features of an on-demand laundry app

An on-demand laundry app should incorporate feature sets that fulfill the demands of app users from all three different sides. 

1. Customer Side

Sign Up/Sign In

This lets users register and log in to the application through various options like contact numbers, email, or social media accounts like Google, Facebook, and others. 

Service Options 

The feature avails app users of multiple service options to select for their laundry based on the fabric type. So that the laundry men wash the clothes accordingly with special attention.  


This option lets users book the pickup time of their preference. Once they have set a date and time, the laundry will be picked up and delivered at the preferred time. This makes the laundry app a way more convenient option for busy people. 


The push notifications feature provides various notifications to customers regarding order status updates, order cancellations, promotions, and offers. This feature is beneficial for both the service provider and customers to keep customers engaged with the service and allow them to not update. 


The availability of offers in an app lets customers get several discounts and other benefits on the services they seek. Using this service providers can leverage customers with personalized rewards and offers to keep them attracted and increase interaction with the business. 


The laundry app should be furnished with a payment gateway to make payment less time taking and more convenient for the users. Out of many options, they can choose the best preferred and make payment for the service following a few taps on their smartphones. 

Review and Rating

This feature lets customers share their experience on the platform and with the service once the order is successfully completed. So that the application gets genuine reviews from real users, not the rivals’ spam. These reviews should be shared with the admin, laundryman, and delivery boy to know about the customer experience and make required service improvements. 

2. Laundryman/Admin Side


This allows the admin or laundry man to log in to the app and access the dashboard to manage the business. The admin gets complete control over the app by deciding which notifications will be sent to the customers or what order status will be displayed to them. 


One of the most important tools for the admin is to manage the app and make business decisions. This contains all the important information like each order’s details, total number of orders, real-time business growth, profit per order, staff’s performance, etc. 

Order History

The integration of order history in the admin panel will leverage admin or laundry man with data of loyal clients and their taste by statistics. Using this, the admin can make personalized offers to these loyal customers and keep them connected to their business for a long time. 


Thanks to this feature, the laundryman won’t miss out on the tasks and the admin can run the whole system seamlessly as scheduled. For instance, if there is any coming deadline for ironing, the system will notify the laundryman through an automatically generated reminder about the task and the laundryman will arrange a time for it. 

3. Delivery Side


This is a separate login panel for the delivery agents. They can sign in and organize their workload according to the orders’ schedule and location to ensure everything is on track or it. 


It is one of the most important features to be integrated into an on-demand laundry app solution. This feature aids delivery agents in locating and navigating the location of the customers through the shortest route available. If the feature’s interface is based on Google Maps, the app can use the tremendous data source of Google to increase the location’s accuracy. 


The app must be furnished with the option of schedule so that the delivery men can adjust their working according to the order’s date and time. They can schedule their pickup time and delivery time. Also, they can get an overview of their future working schedule to arrange the time reasonably. The availability of reminders will be the icing on the cake that will help them ensure everything is running on time. 

Customer Contact

Thanks to this feature, the delivery man will be able to make direct contact with the customer. For example, the delivery person is not able to find the customer’s address, is stuck in a traffic jam, etc. He can make direct contact and let them know about the situation. 

On-demand Laundry App Development: Cost Estimation 

When it comes to determining the cost of on-demand laundry app development. It is not easy to provide the exact cost estimation as it depends on several factors. like app complexity, the number of app platforms, features, and functionalities, the development region where the on-demand app development company is headquartered, and others. 

Still, for your help, we are providing you with an average cost of laundry app development. That falls in the vicinity of $10000-$25000 for a basic app with limited features and that too for a single platform either Android or iOS. Increasing the number of functionalities and platforms will cost more for sure. 

Closing Words

This is all about on-demand laundry app development. Hope, this piece of information will help you resolve all your related queries. Still, having any doubts, it will be best for you to consult with a prominent laundry app development company with years of experience in providing top-notch laundry app development services. The team of technical experts there will help you out for sure and deliver you a sure-to-be successful, on-demand laundry app development solutions. That will help you take your laundry business to newer heights of success by eliminating competition in the market. 

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