A comprehensive guide on Portfolio Monitoring Solutions

A comprehensive guide on Portfolio Monitoring Solutions
A comprehensive guide on Portfolio Monitoring Solutions

By using Equifaxs’ suite of portfolio tracking solutions, you gain deeper visibility into your current portfolio, which allows you to identify customers that match your ideal profile or may be in the market for additional products and services. Some of the best private equity portfolio monitoring solutions can simplify data gathering by directly accessing your portfolio company accounting systems, and piping information up the chain to the GP level, feeding your stakeholders and investors reports, thereby offering full data transparency and precision. One increasingly powerful tool being adopted more broadly is a portfolio monitoring platform for monitoring and managing the performance of your portfolio companies. Project portfolio management software helps increase awareness and visibility of projects, which allows managers to allocate resources to both ongoing projects in the future in more effective ways.

How Portfolio Monitoring Solutions support Investment Decsions

PPM systems display the status and resource requirements for ongoing projects, along with projects that are being awarded, sold, or that are scheduled to begin in the future. PPM software helps to automate processes, streamlining planning, management, and delivery for every project. Planview Portfolio monitoring solutions enable you to combine all work details from those team tools in a single project portfolio solution, allowing you to report metrics and KPIs indicating progress in delivering a strategy to stakeholders and executives with ease. Project Portfolio Management (PPM) software provides visibility, supervision, and tools that help companies prioritize and manage ongoing projects and resources, and future needs and requirements.

Project portfolio management software can provide leaders in your organization with a data-driven approach for monitoring, evaluating, and forecasting project success, helping organizations determine what is working and what is not. In short, PPM software provides the project managers and executives of big, project-driven organizations a way to manage investments in the asset portfolio in order to get maximum returns on investment. PPM software allows for analysis of the level of risk for each project, both current and prospective, so you can establish levels of certainty throughout your portfolio.

You can examine the asset allocation on the portfolio, account, or by individual securities. For example, Investment Account Manager allows you to aggregate all of your portfolios and view the total allocation of assets (stocks, bonds, cash, and others) as well as on a granular level, broken down by sector and stock size.

Investment Account Manager allows investors and professional money managers to monitor and analyze an investment portfolio consisting of stocks, bonds, funds, options, and other assets. Other components of this portfolio management software include live quote updates, and asset allocation reports. This software was developed by professional money managers and has been used by investors since 1985.

It tracks all trades and provides the portfolio activity summary and the portfolio performance summary. Sharesight, this investing portfolio management software, also checks for your dividends and stock splits, providing precise performance data. Morningstar Portfolio Manager provides background data on each of your investments, including their current prices, day-over-day change in value, and their percent weighting in your overall portfolio. While entering data from your investment accounts into Morningstars Portfolio Manager takes more work, the analysis provided by the tool is worth the effort.

Investment portfolio analytics software is helpful for tracking returns, asset allocation, and the performance of individual investments. We start with the free portfolio tracking software and wealth management, followed by investing portfolio trackers and equity that charge a regular fee. The Quicken Premier platform is both a core money management, budgeting, debt tracking, and cash management software, and also an all-in-one investment portfolio management program. Quickens has been my financial management software of choice for decades, and I still use both Quicken and Personal Capital for viewing and analyzing our investment portfolio.

Financial Planning & Wealth Management with Personal Capital Get a comprehensive look at customers’ entire financial picture with Personal Capital, from everyday expenses to tracking portfolio performance. If your company is looking to deploy an ESG or impact strategy, Dynamos ESG and Impact Investing modules can help monitor ESG portfolios. This means that you can more easily track and manage ESG strategies, as well as actions and improvements to improve your portfolio while making sure the sustainability elements of your investment strategy are deeply embedded in your value-creation plans. Planview FLEX gives your teams the tools to operate as they are most effective, and gives your PMO the power to adapt your portfolio and capability plans, monitor KPIs, and implement adaptive management.

Use can deliver the visibility and supervision needed to manage projects successfully from inception through execution. In addition, we also provide clients with a secure, private, off-line environment where they can review the effect that securities class actions have had on their portfolios at any time. Managed by a staff of full-time professionals, including analysts and accountants, the complimentary service provides full surveillance over securities, bonds, and other investments. Dynamo Portfolio Monitoring & Valuation Software helps you automate portfolio reviews, track major initiatives, and receive alerts about potential issues before they occur.

Sometimes called portfolio change and risk management, a pipeline score and analysis has the advantage of being able to identify which projects–or even what aspects of the individual projects–are too risky. The advisory technology platforms that we know today began as portfolio accounts for investment managers. One of the earliest PC-based portfolio accounting applications was created by Advent Software in 1983, targeted at smaller investment managers who could not afford systems such as Security APL.

With the exception of some stand-alone portfolio rebalancing tools (such as iRebal, AdvisorPeak, and Smartleaf, as well as some others not yet acquired), most of the other products expanded to full-stack platforms supporting nearly all phases of an investment managers lifecycle, from account opening to account accounting, among others. The number of solutions within the portfolio management systems for financial advisors category continues to grow each year, seemingly without an end in sight.

PPM software is designed for organizations that must efficiently allocate and manage resources among several simultaneous projects. Organizations needing to maintain support across a portfolio of projects may benefit from investing in PPM software in a number of ways. In short, if your small company is still running single projects and has not thought strategically about setting up a portfolio management process, then you may not need PPM software.

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