A Comprehensive Guide to CISA Log4j

In cyber security there are many ways to detect where an organisation is vulnerable to CISA log4j including its pros and cons. A penetrating test has significance but its results can be misleading if not interpreted in a proper context. CISA log4j does not require user interaction for successful exploitation. It is very true that millions of systems use CISA log4j for logging in. Experts say that it would take years for the vulnerabilities to be completely resolved. CISA log4j leads us to a path for how we see the web attack surface. People using Log4j have demanded a feature which allows the use of java naming and directory interface. The users urged this feature to be added so the logged application could use this application to look up at items and produce better logs instead of coding each item individually. This addition of the feature is the root cause of transforming a logging system into a powerful command thus making it vulnerable. 

CISA log4j 

CISA log4j is an open source library implementing a logging framework. It is mandatory for a developer to implement logging. The log4j logging mechanism is further classified into few components. Remote code execution, which allows attackers to run their code on a victim machine. The log4j is given a good rating because it allowed total control of an entire server. Then comes information disclosure which allows an attacker to compel a server to reveal a data which was not supposed to be revealed. Heartbleed can be taken as an example to fathom to the functionality of information disclosure and this memory could include private keys, passwords or other sensitive data depending on what was adjacent to the string in question on the heap. Apart from log4j there is also a possibility that an encoded value could be decoded and then logged. For example Base64 an encoding mechanism that turns any data into a string containing any of the 64 possible characters.

Searching server file systems for vulnerability versions of CISA log4j will help you determine if you are running into a vulnerable software. Furthermore, penetration test is always looking for vulnerabilities as if a system is under threat or not. The advantage of penetrating test is that a tester can create a proof of concept that proves existence of vulnerability. Coming back to the main discussion CISA log4j which is also an open source library can act as a culvert connecting one of the most protected, sensitive systems to our most exposed and our risk assessment processes must be prepared for the public disclosure of the next critical open source library vulnerability. 


As we have shown that CISA log4j does not require user interaction which is again a good benefit in this fast changing technological world. We cannot deny the fact that million of user’s use CISA log4j for entering the systems. It is a trustworthy app which does not harm users and its deliverance is according to the current time period. Another benefit of CISA log4j as I have mentioned above is it provides information if users are running into a vulnerable software which is again a user friendly thing.

Adil Husnain

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