A Few Casino Table Games to Make Some Real Money

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Last updated on July 26th, 2022 at 06:53 am

Casino table games are in demand more than any other games on gambling websites. Leading games like roulette, blackjack, or craps are the most loved games by the players on the gambling sites. One thing that is similar to all of the games is that they provide an outstanding user experience and can help you earn some real money. 

The advancement of the online gambling industry has allowed gamblers in India to play their favorite live casino games online with their friends and family.

Some Casino Table Games to Earn Money Online 

Keeping casino enthusiasts in mind, we have listed below a few top casino table games.

American Roulette 

Online American roulette is an exciting and understandable table game that needs a few minutes to learn. American roulette brings the user experience of one of the most famous casino table games globally to your desktop or mobile. 

All reputed online casinos in table games offer a version of American roulette. By using some simple roulette strategies, you can take a shot at winning and earning some real money. 

American roulette is played on a table layout attributing the numbers 0-36. You must place bets on the online table on single numbers or groups of numbers. The game has a house edge of 5.26%.


Playing online blackjack India  is not only safe, but it provides gamblers a fun experience as well. The online casino table games have advanced software, superior services, and massive bonuses. 

In blackjack, the hand closest to 21, without going over wins. In the classic mode, a winning hand pays 1:1, and a natural pays 3:2. Most of the online blackjack games need you to adhere to similar steps and regulations to play affluently.

You should keep in mind to always split the aces and eights, take insurance, and do not split face cards and tens while playing online blackjack on casino tables.

Junglee Rummy 

Junglee Rummy is one of the best casino table game applications in India. The game requires 2 to 6 players on a table to play the game. It has more than 2.5 crore active players, and you will never have to wait long to play a game. The user experience is also seamless and appealing to the eyes.

The rummy game also offers various kinds of tournaments ranging from free entry to paid ones. Playing a game of rummy online is safe and legal. It also offers multiple payment options, quick customer support, quick withdrawals, deposits, an enormous number of events, and rewards.

Mega Joker 

The Mega Joker slot game offers the player a fruit ninja-styled experience, but along with slots. The game usually has 5 rows of fruits. Each player spins the wheel with the hope to win a developing jackpot when the stakes are placed to the maximum. The pay-out percentage for Mega Joker is relatively high, with an enormous 99% return to player rate.

The highest amount of money you can make on the Mega Joker will be influenced by the size of the bet you have placed on your winning spin. As a result, it has high popularity and offers 40 ways to win money.

Casino Hold’Em 

Casino Hold’Em is one of the few poker games that are easy to understand and play. It is an exciting, simple, and fun casino table game. It offers you outstanding odds to win as compared to most of the slot machine games. It is similar to casino poker, and therefore you cannot think of bluffing out a band hand. In this casino table game, you are allowed to play against the dealer and not with other players mandatorily. Never forget that the dealer always plays the hand till the very end of the game, unless their bet stands as unqualified.


Craps is a booming and fun Vegas-style game played with the help of a dice. You are required to place bets on the result of two dice, and there are many possible choices to make.

All the reputable online casinos do offer one craps table in the category of table games. You are allowed to choose your stakes and when to roll the dice. Furthermore, there is no fighting for space at the table when you play at an online casino. You also have the leverage to test free online craps games at reputable casinos without even putting a single cent to risk.


Baccarat was one of the favorite high-stakes games of James Bond, but now it is available to play for free. You are required to brush up on the simple rules for some healthy pay-outs when playing for real money. Online baccarat game is listed in all the reputed casino table games. It is simple to understand and is readily available.

The game is played between ‘player’ and ‘dealer.’ Every player is dealt two cards, and whoever gets a card close to 9 is the winner. 10s and picture cards are counted as zero.

You have to place a bet on the hand you think will be a winner: the player or the dealer. You can also place a bet on a tie. There is also a ‘third card’ rule where an extra card may be dealt relying on the initial cards. 

You can play for free at most of the online casinos. The gameplay, pay-outs, and user experience of free casino table games are the same as real money tables. Real money gambling offers tremendous excitement that you won’t find at the free tables. Visit various sports news websites and choose your table game wisely to have a fun experience.

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