A fresh & smart mileage tracker app for 2023

If you own a business that uses vehicles in any capacity, you might be eligible for tax deductions and write-offs. To benefit from them, however, you’ll need to keep a detailed mileage log of every trip, including their destination, distance, and purpose.

In case you’re wondering how to keep track of mileage for taxes, the easiest way is with a simple mileage tracker app – let’s take a closer look at what an efficient mileage app should include.

What to look for in a mileage tracker app? Most important features

There are certain key features that you should for in a quality gas mileage tracker app. Past mileage reconstruction is one of them, allowing managers and business owners to recover lost mileage that wasn’t tracked properly. Based on your previous journeys and client’s locations, mileage apps can reconstruct a lost mileage log, making sure there are no discrepancies in case of an IRS audit. Don’t look for this feature in most free mileage tracker apps, though.

Small-business owners and self-employed entrepreneurs can also use an automatic IRS-Proof mileage log generator. No longer do we have to keep an Excel sheet with all the details handwritten – some of the best mileage tracker apps out there can do it all for you.

What tracking modes can be used with mileage trackers?

You can find mileage tracking apps on both Google Play for Android and App Store for Apple devices that offer multiple tracking modes, making it easier to log mileage for business expenses. Vehicle movement tracking, Bluetooth tracking, and Plug’N’Go phone charging tracking.

Depending on your needs and convenience, you can adjust the tracking modes to your needs. Some apps also include a Google Maps Timeline import function.

Top 3 mileage tracker apps for 2023

Out of all the competitors, three apps seem to exceed all the others in 2023 – TripLog, MileIQ, and MileageWise.

TripLog offers an extensive fleet management system in addition to simple mileage tracking features. It also offers users automation, taking off work from the staff. While most kinks of the automation system have been already resolved, there are still some reviews that mention users had to switch to manual input instead.

MileIQ is great for small businesses with small needs – its free version gives users 40 free trips, and the full version prices start at $59.99. The app, however, only offers one tracking mode.

MileageWise offers an all-in-one solution to mileage tracking, with three automatic mileage tracking modes and an AI-powered log reconstruction algorithm. MileageWise offers an extensive free version, as well as a reasonably priced full version. You can download MileageWise on the App Store and Google Play.

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