A Guide to a Tourist’s Day-Out in Patna  

atna, which was known by the name of Pataliputra in ancient times, is the capital city and largest city of Bihar. Tourists must visit this place if they are ardent fans of history, as the city’s ancient culture will delight them. Another great reason to adorn Patna is the city’s rich culinary culture. It provides a wide range of delectable cuisine options. You will have many possibilities to spice up your taste buds with some great specialties. Since the beginning of time, Patna has been renowned for its spices in all of its cuisines which can be enjoyed once you order food online in Patna.

If you are in Patna for the 1st time, we are here to help you plan your 1st day itinerary:  

  1. Morning: Visit the Ruins of Pataliputra  

You can start your day by visiting the Ruins of Pataliputra, now located in present-day Kumhrar. You will find a small fort, Pataligrama, which was built in 490 BC by King Ajasattva. This city later became the capital of Magadha.  

  1. Afternoon: Patna Museum  

This is one of the top three museums of India and is a colonial-era two-storey building. The Buddhist relics and the Buddhist sculptures from the Gupta Dynasty and Polo Dynasty are the main attractions of this museum. You can expect to spend 2-3 hours here.  

  1. Evening: Enjoy Sunset at Gandhi Ghat   

Time to wrap up the day with serenity! Visit Gandhi Ghat to enjoy a picturesque sunset. Along with paying your homage to the holy river Ganga, you can either choose to go for a boat ride and visit the island or enjoy quality time with your family by sitting by the side of the river. Enjoy nature at its best by witnessing the calm view of the river along with the mesmerizing sunset.  

Now that you are home after an eventful day spent in sightseeing, you must be eager to finish your dinner and go to sleep so that you can be well-rested for the next day of Patna tour. It is needless to say that you are too tired and you do not have the energy to cook, so the best solution in this scenario is to avail the service of the food delivery in Patna.

Popular dishes to order online in Patna  

Patna is a culinary paradise for foodies. It is a spice paradise, and these spices influence the varied cuisines available in city eateries. The residents of Patna go to great lengths to learn the recipes, and they make certain that the ingredients used are acquired from local farms since it enhances the flavour. Although it is well known that Indian food is the spicier of all, there are many other tastes, which vary according to region, caste, and custom. Patna boasts plenty of eat-out venues, ranging from worldwide chains to local favourites, that will tempt you to make every day a cheat day. To help you make your choice, here is our list of the best food items that you can try while you are in Patna. 

  1. Litti Chokha: Litti Chokha, a traditional Bihari cuisine, is a complete meal in itself. It consists of whole wheat flour balls that are stuffed with gram flour, mixed herbs, spices, and pulses. And chokha is basically mashed potato with spices. The food is quite tasty, plus it is reasonably priced.  
  2. Chura Pulao: Mustard seeds, cumin seeds, curry leaves, onions, and green chillies are among the other components of pulao. Generally speaking, the preparation is similar to that found in different regions of the nation. For its garnishing and presentation, the Chura Pulao of Patna is renowned. 
  3. Dal Peetha: Dal Peetha is basically dumplings that are made of rice flour with fillings of lentil paste, spices, and pickles. It is a popular food in Patna and is considered a healthy and wholesome breakfast option. The dumpling is then either steamed or fried, and sometimes the lentil is mixed with spices, and it is stuffed into chapatis, which is served as Dal Puri. 
  4. Bihari-style Chicken Curry: This one is for those who love to have chicken and are looking for a different style of chicken curry. In this curry, which is a local speciality that you won’t get anywhere else, the chicken pieces are cooked with whole garlic knobs, spice powders, tomatoes, and other simple ingredients. Make sure that when you order this dish, don’t forget to order phulkas or gluten-free rice, which go very well with this chicken curry. 
  5. Bihari Veg Boti Biriyani: When it comes to the tastiest foods of Patna, veg boti biryani is unrivalled. While several places in the city will satisfy your Biriyani desires, you should not overlook the renowned restaurant Biryani by Bihari’s, which delivers this biryani speciality along with other varieties of biryani. 

Restaurants in Patna are well-known for their delicious cuisine. The great thing is that there are several eateries in the city, so you will never be short of alternatives when it comes to sampling local cuisine in Patna. Taste the most delectable items available from local eateries with online food delivery in Patna. Discover this old port city’s gastronomic pleasures, including morning specialities, vegetarian fare, Bihari snacks, and much more. We hope you have acquired a clear idea regarding what the food culture of Patna entails, and we are sure that some of these mouthwatering dishes are urging you to place an online food order in Patna with Swiggy.

Don’t forget to try these foods when visiting the city the next time you come. Moreover, the influx of many people from all regions of the country has increased the demand for food in all areas, which is helping the hospitality and catering industries grow. Along with the aforementioned cuisines, the city has welcomed international fast-food franchises, including KFC, Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, Subway, and Domino’s. Other international cuisines, like Thai, Chinese, and Italian, are offered at several other hotels, restaurants, and resorts.   

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