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Recruitment is considered to be a core feature of the Human Resource Department. It is a procedure that includes everything such as hiring, identifying, selecting, attractive, interviewing, screening as well as onboarding employees.


What goes into an ideal recruitment procedure?

An ideal recruitment procedure is considered to be a sourcing model of an organization that’s one of the main goals includes finding the appropriate fit for the right kind of job at the right time. Numerous steps are followed to bring potential talented people who can contribute towards the growth of a company.

What is the importance of recruitment?

Recruitment consists of a dynamic goal and the significance caters to both the candidates as well as the organization.  The importance of recruitment is reflected in certain points below:-

  1. Capturing the attention of candidates

The final onboarding of all the approached candidates in the Company isn’t ensured by the recruitment procedure yet it manages to attract a lot of candidates for applying for the respective vacancies.

  1. Meeting Obligations

Every kind of organization consists of some legal obligations which are required to meet. In addition, social obligations are also regarded as corporate social responsibility which is one of the biggest factors that is taken care of by organizations.

  1. Facilitates Selection

 The selection process is done keeping in mind the primary organizational requirements. The candidates are required to undertake a screening process before the final selection. Thus, recruitment offers a larger option for all the selectors to employee candidates as per the needs of the firm.

  1. Rate of success of selection process

The recruitment procedure is quite comprehensive since it takes both present as well as future analysis of job into account and then candidates are recruited.

  1. Transparency

 The recruitment process is performed for the maintenance of organizational transparency. It is one of the effective measures through which complete transparency can be achieved. The transparency is not limited to the organization but also the respective employees.


What are the seven stages of recruitment?

 The process of recruitment varies from one company to another based on the organizational structure, nature of different operations along with the selection procedure. It is recommended to assist and help the hiring team in recruiting the right candidate. A recruitment agency can serve as a great help in this regard.


The 7 significant stages of recruitment are enumerated below:-


  1. Identification of your hiring requirements

One of the most important components of good planning is to be aware of your needs. It is necessary to be ensured of understanding your role in-depth. Since it would make the procedure of hiring more easier as well as faster.


Here are a few primary questions to answer:-
  • What is the need for new employees?


  • What are some of the responsibilities as well as duties a hired candidate should have?


  • Where does the applied role fit within the structure of the wider business?


  • What kind of abilities or skills are needed for succeeding in the role?


  1. Preparation of the description of the job along with the specifications of the candidate

These are elaborations of the role for which the recruitment is conducted and the type of candidate which would fulfil your vacancy. The description is one of the initial things which is read by the job seekers when they are looking for jobs.

  1. Choose a particular platform for advertisement

Many IT staffing agencies advertise for your role across multiple job sites either with the help of specialist support or social media. Below is the list of advantages as well as drawbacks of each category:-


Job sites:-


Pros: One of the speedy ways to acquire larger visibility of your requirements to innumerable registered seekers of job.


Con: You might have to go through thousands of CVs and, usually, you receive a wide range of random applications since most of the candidates spam their CVs in the hope of finding a job.




Pros: The candidate which you are actively looking for might be found through some of the CVs. Saving a lot of time and money on recruitment costs along with motivating employees via opportunity provision. These are properly integrated into the rhythm as well as the culture of the business.


Con: For some of the roles, finding a fresher perspective or newer set of skills could help in adding depth to different capabilities in your team.


Social Media:-


Pros: LinkedIn is one of the leading social platforms for recruitment as well as screening candidates. This platform constitutes around 740+ million professionals and then other platforms such as Facebook and Twitter fall in place. Moreover, it also allows the particular target of content to expertise and skills which are needed for a role.


Con: The page of your company must have some engaging quality content. Since the platform acts the same for the candidates, your company is reviewed by them, if it is the appropriate workplace for them accompanied by the job role which you’re looking for.

  1. Providing feedback to applications

Potential candidates are advised to highlight how their capabilities, as well as experience, properly aligns with the role. So revise the description of the job along with the specification of the candidate for a reminder regarding your requirements.

  1. Conduction of interviews

One of the main components of the overall recruitment procedure is the interview which would offer you personal time with your selected candidates. Ideal preparation is the essential key to getting the best results from the conversation.


In this digital era, taking interviews via newer video technologies have also become common.

Few interview tips:-


  • Preparation of questions that would dive deep into the professional background of every applicant to see how suitable they are for your vacancy.


  • Refrain from asking them any abstract questions just to see their reaction, maintain the decorum of your conversation by keeping them relevant to the role which you are seeking for.


  • Keep in mind that interviews are known as a two-way thing for a reason. Your candidate might also look if your business is the right choice or place for them to unveil their talent. So be courteous and sell the advantages of the vacant position as well as the organization.



The recruitment teams are both large or small and this mostly depends on how big or small an organization is. A recruiting manager takes all the responsibility for the recruitment process in smaller organizations. Currently, most companies take the help of recruitment software for making the recruitment procedure more efficient as well as effective.

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