A Patient Guide to Choosing the Right Rhinoplasty Surgeon

choosing the right rhinoplasty surgeon
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A complete guide to Choosing the right rhinoplasty surgeon

The nose is an essential part of the face. But if it doesn’t fit with your facial features rightly, then it can dramatically affect the entire appearance. Thus, to enhance your nose appearance, rhinoplasty, or a “nose job,” can help. Because nasal surgery helps refine the shape and size of the nose by creating a more balanced facial appearance. It also fixes the functional problems of the nose, such as nasal blockages. And structural and aesthetic improvements are also made during the same procedure. So, deciding on any plastic or reconstructive surgery is a big deal. Therefore, you should do your research on both the surgical procedure and choosing the right rhinoplasty surgeon. 

Rhinoplasty surgery can be beneficial for you in many ways. It can improve your overall look and boost your confidence. So, those considering the procedure need to schedule a few consultations with the best rhinoplasty surgeons in Lahore to find the right rhinoplasty surgeon. Though the process may feel overwhelming, it’s just a matter of time before you find the right rhinoplasty surgeon. The surgeon must possess the skill to create optimal results because it is a highly complex procedure that takes years to master this skill and be sure to choose a board-certified surgeon who listens to your concerns and facilitate you accordingly. 

Below you will find every new patient’s guide on choosing the right rhinoplasty surgeon because choosing the best nose surgeon in Lahore is a key factor in the success of the surgery. Therefore, it is crucial to take time and do research on finding a proficient doctor. The one who certainly meets the qualifications to perform your nose operation. So, those planning to have a nose job shortly might be wondering!

How to choose the best nose job surgeon in Lahore?

Choosing the right rhinoplasty surgeon is one of the most important factors in getting an excellent outcome. There are numerous factors to consider while choosing a nose job surgeon. Here we present the obvious criteria that include the following. Consider the following as you schedule consultations for your rhinoplasty surgery.

1: Possess a medical license.

To perform rhinoplasty surgery, a surgeon needs a valid medical license because a medical license ensures that the surgeon has received the required training to perform the surgery.

2: Carries a board certification.

The rhinoplasty surgeon should be board-certified as the Board certification ensures the knowledge and clinical competency of the surgeon at the time of certification.

3: Expertise in the surgical area.

The best cosmetic surgeon should have a speciality and more experience in plastic and cosmetic surgery. Because having expertise and experience in the surgical area often yields better results than those surgeons who perform a wide variety of procedures.

4: Check the history of malpractice.

Google the surgeon to see if he has a history of malpractice. Doing this before the consultation would be helpful as you can easily weed out the surgeons with a negative record.

5: Consultation.

It’s important to schedule a consultation with the Best Rhinoplasty surgeons in Pakistan and see if the surgeon meets you directly to discuss your expectations and answer your queries, as having a quality consultation can make a difference between rhinoplasty surgeons.

6: See their portfolio.

Check your surgeon’s surgical portfolio and ask them to show you before and after photos. You can also check them online. You can also find a before photo that is similar to your nose and see the transformation.

7: Cost Matters.

Cost plays a significant role in the selection of your rhinoplasty surgeon. Surgeons in Pakistan typically set prices according to the area where they practice. So, the facility and anaesthesia costs may vary depending on certain factors. However, rhinoplasty cost in Pakistan is affordable and low compared to other countries. And that’s the reason why international patients prefer Pakistan for their surgical procedures.

Which doctor is suitable for a rhinoplasty?

The simple answer to this query is someone who specializes in this procedure. Nowadays, rhinoplasty is recognized as the most challenging cosmetic procedure of all. Therefore, seeing someone with the best nose job skills is important. Because no surgeon can excel at all procedures, it makes sense to see an experienced specialist like Dr. Mustehsan Bashir, who treats all aspects of nose job surgeries.

What should I consider before getting a rhinoplasty?

There are many things to consider before getting a rhinoplasty done.

  • Find out what concern you have about your nose. So, when you meet with your doctor, you clearly explain what changes you want to see.
  • Ensure the hospital/clinic you choose is well-reputed because your post-operative care is also important.
  • Which procedure will suit me? This might not be your headache as your surgeon can tell you the best surgery suitable for your type of nose.
  • But before going for surgery, discuss your concerns with the surgeon and learn about the expected outcomes so you know what’s coming.
  • Find the best plastic surgeon you have full confidence in, and let him make the final decisions.

The healing process after rhinoplasty.

The healing process is time taking, so it needs patience. So, you might see swelling and bruising in the first two weeks before it settles. The patient might experience subtle changes in features for up to one year. But that does not mean you won’t see a difference until then. The changes will be visible after removing the plaster after a week. 

Is rhinoplasty suitable for everyone? 

Rhinoplasty is not suitable for every person for several reasons, such as anatomy, and general health, including mental health. It can help to camouflage certain features for a better-looking nose. But it cannot give the same result as surgery. Also other than surgical treatment, a non-surgical is also available. However, non-surgical rhinoplasty cost in Pakistan is even lesser.

Why choose Cosmeticoplasty?

Due to the increasing number of surgeons and clinics offering their services for rhinoplasty surgery, it’s getting tough to identify the right rhinoplasty surgeon. We recommend Dr. Mustehsan Bashir (the best Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Lahore) because he creates aesthetic and functional outcomes. He is specialized in the most innovative nasal contouring techniques offered today. So, without giving it a second thought, book your appointment with Cosmeticoplasty. 


Suppose you are planning for a nose job or a rhinoplasty. Then you should see a highly qualified surgeon to perform your procedure. The one who is regarded as an expert in this type of surgery. Thus, research as it is the key to choosing the right rhinoplasty surgeon. Hence, visit a nose job surgeon to learn from him about the procedure. And move forward with a more confident feel and better knowledge about rhinoplasty surgery. To find better and realistic results.

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