A strong HR knowledge base is a useful tool for reducing costs.

A strong HR knowledge base is a useful tool for reducing HR cases and improving the working environment.

Organizations may streamline HR Service Delivery with the use of case management, a centralised employee care centre, and powerful knowledge management tools provided by ServiceNow HR Service Delivery. By strategically integrating an HR knowledge base, businesses can provide their staff with quick access to useful information on topics like benefits, travel, spending guidelines, and training.

If you don’t have a strategy for reducing HR cases, your new HR knowledge base can be more harmful than helpful. Here are some things our clients have done to really benefit from HR knowledge.

initially modest.

The success of the HR team depends on its trust in HR expertise. The HR team must benefit from article posting.

If they have a quick starting point with straightforward, concise material, HR teams should find it simpler to create knowledge pieces. Using the queries that staff members ask most frequently as a starting point, create the catalogue. This will ensure that the HR teams can benefit from knowledge management because there will be fewer accidents.

Complicated enquiries, which often require more expert examination, can be published after getting feedback from fulfillers.


The style of HR articles should include brief responses to handle employee inquiries immediately. Use subheadings to help staff members locate the precise information they need. To ensure that the articles cannot be misconstrued, try to delete all extraneous material. Use of attachments is another fantastic method for condensing lengthy primary articles and getting right to the point.

Furthermore, it’s essential to make sure that HR articles are written in a straightforward, condensed, and jargon-free manner. It is a good idea to have the articles edited for faults by someone outside of HR before publishing them to the knowledge base.

Keeping in mind that HR knowledge affects your employees’ experiences, be sure the articles you produce reflect the culture, tone, and voice you want to instill in them.

Prioritize the content.

HR employees should proactively produce new content to actively reduce incidences. To generate ideas for new publications, caseworkers might be questioned about the most typical HR-related queries that staff members submit.

The number of HR instances they might be able to avoid or those that are both high priority and high risk should be taken into account when ranking new articles.

ServiceNow reports can be run by HR departments to identify situations that are frequently logged or of the utmost priority. Once the themes have been identified, they should be broken down into brief answers to employee inquiries.

simplify things for the crew.

Strive to make it as simple as you can for staff members to create articles; provide brev instructions, links to helpful resources, and further information.

Using ServiceNow, you may direct employees to the required self-service forms and any other HR platforms that are integrated with ServiceNow. ServiceNow also gives HR caseworkers the ability to link knowledge articles to HR cases in order to encourage staff to use knowledge in the future. Research ServiceNow HR.


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