A Travel Guide To Dona Paula Beach In Goa

So, did you know the name Dona Paula beach? The National Institute of Oceanography and the International Center of Goa are situated near Panaji, the Northern portion of Goa. It is 7 km away from Panaji. Dona Paula is also known as Lover’s Paradise. The scenario of this Dona Paula beach in Goa makes you fall in love with nature. You can not deny romanticizing nature and the inner self altogether. If you plan your next trip to Goa, then Dona Paula should be the next destination with your friends and your closest ones. Don’t panic about how to get quality food and hotels near Dona Paula beach Goa. You don’t take the stress when Sea Water Sports with you guys. Just chill out, buddy! 

Dona Paula’s Secrecy:

 The location is known after Dona Paula Amaral Antonia de Sout Maior, an ancient disciple in Portuguese India. She became related to the Portuguese Governor-General of Jaffnapatnam, Sri Lanka. She got to Goa with her circle of relatives in 1744 and married Hidalgo of Spain in 1756. Her father became Dom António Caetano de Menezes Souto Maior. They had been a vibrant circle of relatives, and all assets from present-day Cabo Geneva to Caranzalem belonged to the Maior’s circle of relatives of Souther. Dona Paula became a philanthropic lady regarded for supporting her villagers and doing a variety of paintings for her recovery. Therefore, the villagers decided to rename the village Dona Paula, after her death. Originally this village became known as Odabel.

Best Time to Visit Dona Paula

 To get the actual pleasant beach vibe, you will get it from November to February. It is the best time to be there. January is the most incredible month at Dona Paula Panjim, and May is the hottest month. Monsoon should be strictly avoidable. The temperature from November to February is not more than 30 degrees. In summer, you can not find anything more than 32-degree celsius, but the humidity is unbearable. 

What to do in Dona Paula?

Sometimes it’s boring to listen to and cherish the waves. Dona Paula Goa offers you such exciting places to visit nearby the beach. These places are 

  1. National Oceanography Institute: The specific laboratory is a hub for marine biology and coastal oceanography. The Institute’s two good places are the Marine Biology Museum and the Taxonomy Center.
  2. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary: Primarily a mangrove forest, this bird sanctuary is home to rare bird species for keen bird watchers. Various rare migratory birds visit the reserve each year, offering keen birdwatchers a rare opportunity to photograph them.
  3. Reis Magos Church: Reis Magos Church, simply 10 kilometers from the beach, is considered one of Goa’s oldest churches. It is devoted to the three clever guys who obtained presents for the child Jesus. Cabo de Rama Fort Ruins – The citadel press ruins are charming sights that need to be visited. The citadel press additionally homes his 180-year-antique cemetery, in addition to a tomb constructed in reminiscence of Dona Paula de Menezes.
  4. Cabo Raj Niwas: Goa’s governor’s official residence, known as ‘Raj Bhavan,’ sits at the end of a narrow peninsula jutting into the Arabian Sea and is one of Goa’s historically and architecturally significant and ancient palaces. Formerly the Governor-General’s official residence during the Portuguese regime, it was then known as the ‘Palacio do Cabo.’ It later became the official residence of the lieutenant.
  5. Dona Paula View Point: Dona Paula View Point gives you so much excitement you don’t think about this. You can not believe your eyes after watching the whole ocean from such a point. This is honestly mind-blowing. If you come here in the monsoon, you can cherish the true beauty of the Arabian Sea. 
  6. Raj Bhavan Chapel: At one nook of Raj Bhavan is a stunning chapel approximately 500 years old. The chapel, which has continually been a part of the Raj Bhavan, is open each Sunday, Christmas and Easter morning mass. The banquet of the chapel is widely known on August 15th (morning) to coincide with India’s Independence Day.
  7. Grotto: A short distance from the chapel, down a flight of stairs, is the grotto, which is the place of worship. This cave altar is housed in a cage hewn out of the rock and is dedicated to St. Paula. It has a short history. August 2nd is Grotto day in Panaji Goa. 
  8. Panaji State Central Library:  If you are a book-keeda, Goa also offers you loads of books. Panaji State Central Library is here. This is like a treasure hunt, after all. You don’t imagine how ancient and how precious documents are there. 
  9. Casino Culture:  You can get a fantastic experience when you enter any Casino. Chances Casino and Club is one of the best Casinos in Dona Paula. You should try this once. 
  10. Water sports in Dona Paula: Nowadays, Goa without water sports is unimaginable. So, when you are in Dona Paula, it is better to engage yourself with adventurous activities like Jet Skiing, Parasailing, Water scooter riding, Windsurfing, Kayaking, Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, and so on.

Also, you can shop at a few markets, such as handicraft materials, clothes, decor, hats, spices, etc.

Foods & Accommodation:

 In Goa, you can find a variety of finger-licking foods from so many continents. Dona Paula propounds an excellent quality of Italian, Russian foods especially. Also, you can find Indian or Goa’s local authentic foods, and Beach shacks offer you good food. If you like to have some drinks, you should try their local liquors like Two Goan liquor, Feni, Port Wine, etc. 

If we talk about Dona Paula beach hotels and Dona Paula resorts in Goa, there are so many options you can choose from them. Sea Water sports offer you suitable accommodation with tasty food within your budget. Suppose you want to stay at the Taj hotel Dona Paula or in any beach shack. In that case, they can only arrange it for you as per your preference because your comfortability is their prior responsibility. 

. So, if you are keen to visit Dona Paula, give a call at +918291917770 and visit our website www.seawatersports.com

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