According to most people, the ps5 is the best game of all time in 2023!


The content creator, who currently has more than 5 million subscribers on YouTube, did not give in and defended his position.

“With the thermal images that I was able to take, playstation 5, plus the fact that I opened the PS5 and saw that Sony significantly reduced the size of the heat sink, I determined that it is a downgrade compared to the first model,” explained the content creator.

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“The PS5 just has a smaller heat sink. There is less aluminum, there is less copper, there is less material, there are 300 grams less. The laws of physics simply dictate that there is less material and less surface area to remove heat from the chip,” Austin Evans reiterated.

Likewise, the controversial youtuber said that users constantly send him the Digital Foundry video as a way to discredit him, but he stated that he agrees 100% with what is said there.

“All I was saying is that from my testing it seems to get hotter, which would logically make sense with a smaller heat sink. And therefore, you might have some problems in the future. If it’s in a really thermally restricted environment, it’s on a TV stand or something, your PS5 may get hotter and may have less longevity. But that was all I said,” said the youtuber.

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But tell us, what do you think of the community’s reaction? Let us read you in the comments. You can read all the information related to PlayStation 5 if you visit this page . PC gamers don’t hate consoles per se, but a lot of them are used to certain features that aren’t on these devices that make them seem like an inferior option to a PC.

Quietly, a new PlayStation 5 model arrived in Japan, Australia, and some regions of the United States a couple of weeks ago. Thus, the youtuber Austin Evans managed to acquire said reissue of the console to dismantle it and, after doing a series of tests, ps5 price in Bangladesh, he assured that it gets hotter than the original 2020 model . Of course, these controversial statements were not liked by a sector of the community.

In his video, Austin Evans said that the new model has a much smaller heat sink, which could lead to more heating of the console. Within the framework of the controversy, the Digital Foundry portal carried out another test that returned results that contradicted the content creator’s claims .

Unsurprisingly, PlayStation fans once again visited Austin Evans’ video and bombarded it with criticism and hate messages. However, the situation quickly got out of control when some users issued threats and even leaked the youtuber’s personal data.

Austin Evans turned to his YouTube account and uploaded a video where he exposed the toxicity of the community. There, he mentioned that he doesn’t mind criticism and that he respects other people’s opinions, but stressed that the negative reactiosn were blown out of proportion.

Some points:

  • A lot of console games are capped at 30 FPS. Which is not obvious to the eye, but due to the way the commands are processed, it supposes a lower response level than a game running at 60 FPS.
  • Some genres don’t usually play well on consoles. The mouse is a much better means of aiming in a first person shooter game, consoles often use an assist system that corrects player control a bit.
  • The game menus have a different design, and something similar happens with the interface in general. Moving with the mouse pointer is always much more comfortable.
  • The graphics and processing power of consoles is usually lower. At least with respect to mid-range and high-end PCs.
  • Consoles often compete with exclusive titles that for a PC gamer is an annoying idea.
  • None of this should be a reason for a PC owner to bother with the console universe, but sometimes its influence does filter through:
  • Some titles that used to come out for all platforms only come out for one console and later for PC or maybe never.
  • The ports or PC versions of the console games are made in a mediocre way.

PC ports are tied to 30 FPS unnecessarily, due to technical inexperience or because the mechanics are tied to that frequency by design. In some rare cases, the PC versions of a game, as has happened with Watch Dogs 1, have been limited in their graphic possibilities to present the console version as a superior option.

To be clear

In general, a PC is more of a device to play alone, or online with friends. Consoles are better to put in the living room and play in a meeting. Although there is some competition, they do not offer exactly the same.

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