20 Apps of Adobe Creative Cloud: Designed for Creativity

Designed for Creativity. Built for Business – Adobe Creative Cloud
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Adobe Creative Cloud – At a Glance

When you are a creative individual, you always need the tools to help harness that creativity and push it to the next level. That’s where something like Adobe Creative Cloud comes into play. The main role of Adobe Creative Cloud is to ensure that you have access to all the tools a creative professional would need to bring his vision to life. This is a collection of software that can be used for different fields like photography, web development, video editing, graphic design and everything in between.

What apps are included in the Adobe Creative Cloud?

The great thing about Adobe Creative Cloud is that it’s designed to offer you all the tools that you need in a comprehensive package. You have Acrobat DC that helps you manage digital documents and signatures. Then there’s Adobe Express that gives you a variety of amazing templates you can work on to create digital graphics.

Adobe Creative Cloud also has InDesign, which is suitable for creating and also publishing books, digital magazines, interactive PDF files and so on. Adobe Premier Pro is great for creating social clips and it’s very easy to work with, although it can be used to create some very complex effects and it’s even used in Hollywood.

Additionally, Adobe Creative Cloud also has Illustrator, which can be great for beautiful icons, designs and many others. And yes, we also have Photoshop, which is the tool to create images, art, rich graphics and any type of design you want. It really goes to show the complexity and value of this tool, and just how much it stands out when compared to everything else on the market.

Can you use Adobe Creative Cloud tools separately?

Individual apps can be used at $9.99 per app, however if you want to access all of these tools and also some extra ones, it costs you $54.99 per month. So you can just pay for the tools you want, but if you end up using most of these, you might be better off paying for the entire Adobe Creative Cloud system. The pricing system is versatile, so you can easily pick what suits your needs and requirements without paying anything extra.

Is Adobe Creative Cloud ideal for creatives?

The advantage that comes from Adobe Creative Cloud is that this is a very powerful and innovative tool. It’s designed to be reliable, efficient and comprehensive, and it has a multitude of tools. Being able to use those tools separately is great, and it does make it easy for you to access everything you want in a single package. Not only that, but Adobe Creative Cloud is highly specialized, and it’s created by people with a lot of experience in the industry. That’s what makes it one of the ideal solution if you work in a creative medium. That alone makes it very powerful and reliable, especially for beginners, but also for experts.

Is there a free version?

Yes, you can access a few things with a free Adobe Creative Cloud membership. This one gives a Starter/Free plan that’s limited for a few apps, like Fresco, XD, Character Animator, Aero, Premiere Express and Adobe Express. These are great tools to help get started and aside from them you have some free fronts, 2 GB of free storage, free mobile apps, file syncing and sharing. All of this is adapted in a single package that you can access for free. So you can test things out before using it.

When can you cancel Adobe Creative Cloud?

You can easily cancel Adobe Creative Cloud at any given time. You will be able to use the subscription until the expiration date, and then your subscription will be inactive. Then you can easily go and either opt for the entire Adobe Creative Cloud system or you can just go with a single or more apps depending on what you need.


Adobe Creative Cloud is the ultimate creative toolkit and it can help designers, image and video editors as well as audio creatives and many others. Going into the specifics, if you are amongst the segment who is planning to buy Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams online in India, just go for it as you’ll get comprehensive software suite which features over 20 different applications and with each app is well known among the leaders in its respective industry. It’s powerful, it’s great to use, and you will find it indispensable in any creative field. The fact that you can fully optimize and customize it also helps a lot, and that’s why you have to give it a try for yourself. It’s definitely one of the more complex tools for creatives, and the fact that you can pick and choose the apps you can use is incredibly helpful!

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