Advantages and disadvantages of a kidney warmer

Advantages and disadvantages of a kidney warmer
Advantages and disadvantages of a kidney warmer

Kidney warmers for men and women are ideally suited to protect the kidneys on cool days. Kidney warmers are available in a wide variety of designs.

They are also available in the form of an electric heat pad, Hoverboard like toys which you can use in winter to warm up. In general, body warmers convince with many advantages.

The only downside is that some back warmers are quite expensive. This is certainly due to the fact that many kidney warmers are made of high-quality angora wool.

We have summarized the advantages and disadvantages of body warmers for you as follows:


  • Fewer bladder infections in winter
  • The back is kept warm for a long time
  • Can also be used when riding a motorcycle or cycling


  • Depending on the manufacturer and the material, higher acquisition costs
  • Kidney warmer when cycling and on the motorcycle


Kidney warmers are also great for motorcyclists and cyclists. Especially when you are traveling at high speed, you have to make sure that the kidneys are protected from the cold.

The kidneys are located deep inside the body. As a result, they are already quite well protected by themselves. However, a kidney warmer or kidney belt also takes on the task of protecting the lower part of the back. The kidney vessels run over the lower part of the back. If this part is covered and warmed, you can prevent cystitis.

The heat has another positive effect: The body warmer relaxes the muscles in the lumbar region when riding a bicycle or motorcycle. As a result, tension can be avoided or dissolved. There are also heated kidney belts to buy – however, according to test results, these are not recommended to everyone, as they could be perceived as unpleasant.

Use kidney warmers for pain

People who feel pain in the abdomen particularly often should always ensure that this area is very well protected. Here, the back warmer can be used as pain prophylaxis to protect the kidney area from any problems and pain.

The kidney warmer not only increases well-being but also promotes health. In addition, with your kidney warmer, you allow your thyroid gland to regulate body temperature much more easily. types of stakeboards the warmth of the body warmers can support many bodily functions and your metabolism and is also suitable for ensuring good blood circulation in the lower back.

From the cool days of autumn to spring, you are well-advised to wear a kidney warmer. A welcome side effect is that your waist appears slimmer and pain in the abdomen does not occur in the first place.

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