Advantages and Disadvantages of the Plastic Postcard Mailer

plastic postcard mailer
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The plastic postcard mailer is an excellent marketing tool for home services businesses. By using a plastic postcard mailer, you can reach a single person in your neighborhood and create word-of-mouth advertising. Ultimately, word-of-mouth advertising will spread your business. However, there are some things to consider when choosing this marketing medium. Below are some things to consider. Listed below are some of the pros and cons of plastic postcard mailers.


While you’re considering switching to plastic postcard mailer, it is important to think about the costs involved. While you’ll have fewer expenses overall, the benefits of using plastic postcards are many. Consumers remember 75% of the brands that they’ve received via plastic postcard mailer. This rate is much higher than that of digital brands. Furthermore, plastic postcard mailer has the added benefit of not being a waste of space, and can be used to promote full website offerings. Moreover, you can invest your savings into digital marketing efforts.

Moreover, a plastic postcard mailer allows you to make maximum use of your real estate marketing budget. These mailers can reach your ideal prospects, inform pre-qualified buyers and drive new leads to consult with you. In addition to that, a plastic postcard mailer can even include a pop-off gift card that doubles as a realtor’s business card. Therefore, it’s a win-win situation for you and your business.

Unique look

If you have tried other types of direct mail, you probably haven’t noticed the unique look of a plastic postcard mailer. Not only do they stand out from the rest of the mail, but they are also easy to retain. These mailers can be custom designed with features such as a pop-out card that can serve as a Call To Action or enticement for potential buyers. Plastic postcard mailers can even contain gift cards or membership cards for additional revenue. Regardless of what type of message you are trying to communicate, you’re sure to have success with this versatile marketing tool.

Whether you’re using a postcard mailer for a marketing campaign or client acquisition mailing, the unique look of a plastic postcard can help you gain the attention of consumers. Many people have difficulty throwing away plastic mailers due to their unique look and texture. This means that you’ll have more success with your marketing campaigns if people spend more time perusing your plastic postcards. Aside from the increased likelihood of your marketing materials being noticed, you’ll be more likely to receive inquiries from potential customers.


A cost-per-piece of plastic postcard mailer is significantly lower than that of conventional mail. While there are many advantages of this type of marketing, one of the most important benefits is that it is extremely easy to customize. A plastic postcard offers greater impact for your marketing dollar. In addition, it has a higher response rate and is easy to customize. For these reasons, plastic postcard mailers are a perfect choice for direct mail marketing campaigns and client acquisition programs.

Plastic postcard mailers offer higher return on investment than other types of postcard mailings, and they are a proven method for acquiring qualified leads. Plastic postcard mailings have been provided to numerous industries across different states and cities. Typical costs of a plastic postcard mailer include graphic design and proofing, variable printing, and drop-shipping to each local post office. And while it does cost a little more than other forms of marketing, it offers a superior ROI.

Resistant to abrasion

Various materials can be classified according to how resistant they are to abrasion. For example, UHMW plastic has excellent abrasion resistance. Other strong plastics that are commonly used in these applications include Nylon and Acetal. High-performance materials are those that can withstand extreme wear and tear and are resistant to abrasion. DuPont(tm) Vespel is a common example of such a material.

Thermoset polyurethanes exhibit superior physical properties, making them ideal for abrasion-resistant products. These thermoset polyurethanes outperform other plastics and metals. In addition, they have better abrasion-resistance than most plastics and rubbers. These advantages make them ideal for marketing campaigns and client acquisition mailings. Here are some reasons why thermoset plastics are more abrasion-resistant.


One of the benefits of plastic postcard mailers is their longevity. Plastic postcards are made of a durable composite material that is 30 mil thick. They are also coated with a glossy overlaminate to ensure that they remain attractive for years to come. These mailers are also perfect for a variety of marketing campaigns, from client acquisition mailings to various types of promotions. Here are some reasons why plastic postcards are a great choice.

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One of the best parts of direct mail is the visual image it conveys. Whether it is a postcard promoting a product or a restaurant, it is guaranteed to be viewed by a person. However, paper postcards are prone to damage during transit. A plastic postcard mailer can withstand the process of sorting through the mailroom and arrive in perfect condition. It will ensure that your advertisement receives the attention of your targeted customers and clients.

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