Advantages of a Copier Lease

The choices you make as a company owner affect your bottom line directly in the hundreds or even thousands. There are more alternatives and questions regarding capital equipment spending than in any other area. Whether to go for your digital copier or printer rental services will be one of your most important choices.

Purchasing does provide certain benefits, including ownership of the goods, tax-advantaged depreciation, or the option to sell the equipment later. The benefits of copier leasing, however, considerably exceed these drawbacks. They comprise:

  • Alternative Availability of Your Funds, 
  • 100% Financing,
  • Cheaper and Easier Sources of Financing, 
  • Independence from Contractual Terms and Conditions,
  • Control and Use of Assets, 
  • Alternative Availability of Your Funds Tax savings, 
  • Quicker and easier paperwork, and 
  • No danger of obsolescence

For company owners with limited resources or who want equipment that needs to be changed every few years, leasing equipment might be an intelligent alternative. This unquestionably includes digital copiers and printers, whose technology advances annually.

According to Canon, a producer of photocopiers, five years appears to be a commonly recognized average lifespan for a basic floor-standing copier used often. However, according to the website Technology and Society, you could only be “state-of-the-art” for two to three years due to ongoing advancements in digital printer technology. Let’s examine some factors that make renting a copier more cost-effective than owning one altogether.

1. Resources for Flexibility

Due to the high costs associated with starting and running a firm, it’s critical to maximize every dollar spent and save all surplus funds. Most of the time, your company’s financial situation—which might fluctuate over time—influences your decision to lease vs buy, and flexibility is essential. Compared to buying a photocopier or digital printer altogether, copier leasing provides several financial benefits, including but not limited to:

  • Budgeting is possible since you spend for the item in predetermined sums over a specified amount of time.
  • Sales tax-free and with much-reduced upfront expenditures
  • No loan approval is required.
  • The whole lease payment amount is subtracted from taxable income.
  • Cash flow projections are more straightforward with fixed interest rates.
  • No effect on the debt-to-equity ratio.
  • Typically, maintenance is included, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars throughout the copier.
  • You can significantly improve the printing equipment when it’s time for an upgrade without incurring a lot of additional money.
  • Typically, installation is free of charge.

Buyout leasing is one type of digital copier leasing that enables you acquire the asset at the end of the lease if that’s what you want to do. Some lessees switch to a digital printer with a lease agreement after buying out the leases on the old copier, boosting their output capacity for a minimal cost.

2. Attending to Your Company’s Requirements

Every organization has its own needs and challenges. As previously shown, not everyone responds well to one strategy. Every manager and business owner must decide how to respond to this problem; there is no right or wrong answer.

  • The option ultimately comes down to what’s best for the business at any given time, so it’s critical to base your decision on the demands of the moment and balance the advantages and disadvantages appropriately.
  • How frequently do you typically update your digital copier—or do you anticipate having to?
  • Does your company utilize any of the most recent digital printing technologies? Is cutting-edge technology suitable for your company’s branding or image?
  • Does your company need to be flexible with asset management?
  • Will the photocopier be utilized sporadically, by several users, or mainly by a specific user or team?
  • Does your business have the personnel and tools necessary to operate and maintain the copier(s)?

3. Maintenance

Digital photocopiers and printers are very advanced technological marvels that perform amazing physics & thermodynamics feats numerous times every minute. After just a failure, it is unavoidable that the device must be repaired; although sometimes easy, this is more often difficult for someone without professional training and expertise.

A paper jam is one issue, but issues with both the machine’s mechanics, charging system, or electrostatic atmosphere need more specialized repair. Isn’t that expensive? It is conceivable, yes.

A team of dedicated professionals on a rental digital printer, however, can help you get back to business as quickly as feasible. These professionals have the specialized knowledge, tools, and resources needed to locate replacement parts.

4. Better Tools and Equipment

You can only spend as much money as you now have on a capital purchase for your company. The product you purchase could or might not be top-of-the-line, with the most up-to-date features, accessories, or technology. But the tech in these gadgets advances incredibly quickly, frequently outpacing one great new function with another. However, the bought copier will always be static.

Does your company need post-print tools like bindery equipment? Will you require more stackers, sorters, folders, or paper feed drawers? When buying outright, these extras also need to be paid for outright. Still, leasing enables you to combine many items of equipment from the manufacturer or those approved to them to be relevant, all at once, and all covered with the maintenance agreements, same terms, and service plans. Since you receive more for your money, you could be able to buy all the printing equipment your business need rather than just the ones it can afford.

5. You Do Not Own It

Your company’s demands expand along with it. Leasing is a terrific method to trial a type and determines how it fits your business if you’re unsure what kind of copier will work best. Having one particular model in the workplace which enables you monitor use patterns and feature usage by your staff. You could require one with more features than the model you initially tested, or you might be able to make do with a less sophisticated one and can save money on the copier leasing each month.

6. A Strong and Stable Industry for Copier Leases

According to the Monthly Leasing and Finance Index published by the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association (ELFA), the new enterprise volume for October 2020 was $9.2 billion. The equipment leasing market is estimated to be worth $900 billion overall. It’s critical that you work with a provider who has a thorough understanding of your industry, collaborates with you to ascertain how to best serve your needs, and is dedicated to maintaining your business operating at peak efficiency for as longest possible.

Arizone Copier Lease Solutions

Customers in Dubai have access to color copier rental in Dubai alternatives through Arizone. Check out copier lease versus purchase study if you’re unsure whether to buy or rent a copier. If you have more questions it, don’t hesitate to contact the team.

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