Agency Vs Freelancer: How to Make the Right Choice for Moodle Plugin Development?

Agency Vs Freelancer: How to Make the Right Choice for Moodle Plugin Development

Moodle is a software application that is used for e-learning globally. Along with Moodle development, many companies and freelancers offer services in moodle plugin development.

Customized Moodle plugin development is in requirement and is the trending need of many businesses. For any project to be successful, you have two choices, either hire a freelancer or a company.

Now, the question arises, how to make the right choice between a freelancer and an agency for moodle plugin development?

In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of hiring a freelancer or an agency and will tell you how to make the right choice between both for moodle plugin development.

Moodle Plugin Development

Moodle is a powerful learning management system and it is extensible. The core tenet of moodle is its extensibility and it is primarily carried out through the development of the plugin.

Depending on your requirements, you can select the plugins as there is an availability of a wide range of plugin types.

Various types of plugins are there but some things work the same way in all types of the moodle plugin.

Now, depending on the requirements for moodle plugin development for your project, you can hire a freelancer or an agency for accomplishing the need of your project.

Agency Vs Freelancer For Moodle Plugin Development

Let’s understand first the difference between an agency and a freelancer. Also, we will look at how to choose one of them for moodle plugin development.

For your Moodle plugin development project, it is noticeable that every project comes with its requirements and conditions. These requirements and conditions can be easy or full of complexities. To accomplish such tasks, you can hire a freelancer or an agency for your moodle plugin development project.


A freelancer is an individual who usually works independently and can be directly connected with clients. On the other hand, agencies consist of a team for every field and work accordingly to the task assigned for the project.

Each of them comes with its pros and cons. Freelancers are cheaper and budget-friendly options compared to agencies. You don’t need to worry about traditional working hours as freelancers are available all time to understand and meet the requirements of their customers. 

For the short-term projects of Moodle plugin development, freelancers are a good choice for you. A freelancer works remotely, therefore seamless communication may become hefty. Moreover, freelancers lack credibility, security, and accountability. You need to hire a freelancer only when the requirement of your project is small and you are not looking for multiple specialists for the moodle plugin development project.

Digital Agency

An agency consists of specialized individuals as part of its team. Agency mostly works in a classified manner and keeps the coordination of the tasks assigned. The dedicated team has diverse skills which are helpful to tackle complexities in a project. Along with this, you also tend to get professional tech support. Agencies work in a well-organized manner.

Moreover, an agency offers security and legal guarantee which is a big advantage. The tasks are assigned by various professional team members. The disadvantage of choosing an agency above a freelancer is that it might give you a big hole in your pocket. As for the best team of developers, designers, etc., you have to increase your expenses.

Sometimes there is a communication gap between the client and an agency because an agency works in a team, and it can be difficult for the client to communicate with the member who is offering the services and managing the tasks.

Take2 Technologies For Moodle Plugin Development

Take2 Technologies is one of the best web and mobile application development service agencies that is based in India. It offers services in various fields including moodle application development as one of them. 

Along with the Moodle development, it provides Moodle plugin development, Moodle support system services, Moodle mobile application development, Moodle learning management system, Moodle hosting, etc.

The team at Take2 Technologies holds years of experience and expertise in building reliable and custom-tailored moodle plugins. Further, Take2 Technologies offer extensibility for Moodle application platforms that are designed to modify the capabilities of your current online learning applications. 

The team of Take2 Technologies offers better scalability and helps in increasing operational efficiency.

Now, you are aware of the differences between an agency and a freelancer, You need to choose wisely for your moodle plugin development project as both have their pros and cons.

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