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Orthopedic Surgeons for sports injuries
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Exercise keeps our body fit if done with guided prevention. Work out under the guidance of a trainer to avoid any mishap as it could be damaging to your musculoskeletal system if performed wrongly. Such injuries that occur while sports or exercise are referred to as sports injuries however not necessarily only sportsmen are eligible for such injuries but people who indulge in occupations such as painting, carpentry, and gardening are also vulnerable to such injuries. An orthopedic surgeon in Lahore who specializes in the field of sports injuries can help cure related ailments.

Why do sports injuries happen?

Sports injuries are sudden or develop over time and gradually become chronic if left untreated. It happens to people who are:

  •       Over-weight
  •       Doesn’t wear protection while sports like knee and elbow pads or other gadgets.
  •       Involve in contact sports
  •       Do not warm-up body before a workout or exercise
  •       Do activities or sports that comprise running, jumping, changing direction abruptly, or pivoting.

Parts of the body susceptible to sports injury

Common body parts that are subject to sports injury and are treated by surgeons for sports injuries:

  •       Ankles

Ankles are the joining point of the leg and foot. It consists of three joints and various bones accompanied by ligaments, muscles, cartilage and tendons. Ankle sprains are common sports injuries that induce pain.

  •       Knees

Knees are the weight-bearing joints hence stress out more with repetitive use. Sports injuries can bring about conditions such as a runner’s knee or jumper’s knee, ACL tear, and meniscus tear.

  •       Shoulders

The shoulder joint connects the upper limbs to the body’s trunk. Shoulder dislocation, rotator cuff tears and tendinitis are some of the sports injuries that happen to the shoulder joint.

  •       Achilles tendon

The Achilles tendon is a strong band of tendons connecting the lower leg to the heel and assisting in walking. This tendon may rupture, tear, inflame, or become stiff as a result of sports injuries.

  •       Elbow

The repetitive motion of the elbow, movement in an inappropriate way, or a hit can damage the elbow making the joint stiff and hard to move due to pain. The tennis elbow is one example of a sports injury to the elbow.

  •       Head

A concussion is a major injury that occurs to the head while in sports.

Major issues treated by surgeons for sports injuries

Here mentioned some common concerns proficiently handled by surgeons for sports injuries:

  •       Dislocation

It is the displacement of a bone from its rooted position in the joint. Joint deformity is the visible indication of joint dislocation. Shoulder dislocation is a commonly encountered sports injury.

  •       Fractures

Fractures are bone cracking or breaking due to immense outside force exertion. It could be a hair-like crack or the bone-shattering into pieces calling for surgical repair.

  •       Cartilage tear

Cartilage covers the bone ends that make up joints to ensure smooth gliding. A tear to it due to an injury could lead to joint immobility and pain. Mostly knee and shoulder joints are subject to cartilage tears during sports.

  •       Tendinitis

Inflammation and swelling of the tendon due to the repetitive motion of a joint is known as tendinitis. Jumper’s knee is one such example that arises because of patellar inflammation.

  •       Sprains

When the ligament stretches beyond its limit tears may occur which are termed sprains. They help stabilize joints and are a major source of connection between bones. Sprains range from mild to severe and commonly occur in the knee, wrist, and ankle.

  •       Strains

Overextension of muscles causes strains which is a tendon tear e.g. back, abdominal, and hamstring strains.

  •       Concussion

A heavy blow to the head brings about this condition causing wobbling of the brain within the skull and injuring certain muscles that hold the brain in place. 

Such sports injuries are probable if:

  •       A person falls accidentally
  •       Doesn’t stretch or warm-up muscles before major sports
  •       Do not observe safety measures like wearing elbow or knee pads while sports.
  •       Wear uncomfortable shoes
  •       Abruptly increase the intensity of exercise or physical activity that the body couldn’t stand.

Treatment provided by surgeons for sports injuries

Surgeons for sports injuries look for visible signs through a physical examination of the patient. The most observable symptoms include pain in the first place, swelling, tenderness, bruises, deformity, inability to move, stiffness, and weakness. The range of joint motion is assessed through assertive and non-assertive motion. The patient is questioned about the injury and medical history is inquired. Depending on how severe the injury is the surgeon may ask for imaging tests such as x-rays, MRIs, or CT scans for internal evaluation which is essential to see inner damages. Treatment way varies as some sports injuries get better on their own through non-surgical approaches while few need surgical attention to heal.

Non-surgical ways

As they are surgeons it doesn’t mean they stick to surgery as a solution despite they apply non-surgical methods at first to cure which include:

  •       Elaboration on adopting RICE therapy (rest, ice, compression, and elevation) for self-care at home.
  •       Immobilization of the joint with a sling, cast, splint, or brace
  •       Oral and topical medicines to manage pain and inflammation.
  •       Localized injections for instant pain relief.
  •       Physical therapy to regain lost motion by strengthening muscles. For this purpose, the patient is directed to a physical therapist who designs and guides exercises for rehabilitation.

Surgical ways

Surgery is adopted when other methods fail to cure the concern. It may include arthroscopy, joint replacement, fracture repair, bone relocation, tendon grafting, removal of loose bodies etc. to treat the issue.


Whether it’s a sports injury or any other orthopedic issue, consult an orthopedic surgeon in Lahore. He will diagnose and treat it right or recommend the most appropriate specialist to consult for the specific issue. Delays could be crucial to joint health.


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