Al Baqi; Garden of Heaven

Al Baqi means “a tree garden” in Arabic. Jannat ul Baqi is known as a safe place for Muslims because it is where many holy people, including family members of the Prophet Muhammad, are buried. Jannat ul Baqi is where the people who were close to the Last Messenger of Allah and who died with him are buried. Not only famous people from the past, but also people who were born and raised in the country and city of Madina have the honour of being buried there.

This square of land is important not only because it is where the loved generation of Muhammad SAWW, descendants of Al-Bait, pious scholars, saints, and a large number of devoted pilgrims are buried, but also because it is in Madina Munawra, which makes it even more important. The status of the Holy city is so high and important that the good things about Madina city can’t be explained in such a short space. It is important to remember that no city or place is better than any other unless the One who made everything gives it a high rampant. Why People Choose 1 Week Umrah Package? – Services for the Package Include are bit low but a man’s wish to visit Baitullah will be fulfilled and it is bit cheaper.

Madinah, which used to be called Yathrib, was the city where the religion of nature was welcomed with all of its heart. The people of the city were called “Ansaar” because they were kind and welcoming to the people who had moved from Makkah to Madinah because of Prophet Muhammad’s sermons. In the city of Madinah is the mosque that the Prophet built. It is called Masjid e Nabwi SAWW. Masjid e Nabwi SAWW is where the good effects of praying and asking for help are multiplied by a few thousand. Hazrat Abu Huraira RA said that Prophet Muhammad SAWW said this about his mosque: “Whoever comes to my mosque with the true intention to preach and spread good knowledge will get the same reward as someone who fights in the way of Allah Almighty.”

Hazrat Abu Omar RA said that Prophet Muhammad SAWW said, “One prayer said in my mosque is better than a thousand prayers said in any other mosque except in Masjid al Haram.”

Pilgrims often go to Jannat ul Baqi during or after Hajj and Umrah because it is known to be a virtual place. The first person to be buried in Jannat ul Baqi was ‘Uthman ibn Ma’dhun, who had the honour to be buried in such a holy place by the holiest person who ever lived: Prophet Muhammad SAWW. When Ibrahim, the baby son of the Prophet Muhammad, died, he was also buried in Baqi al Gharqad. The righteous Ahl e Bait who are buried here are Fatimah ibn Muhammad SAWW, Hassan ibn e Ali Abu Talib, Zain Abideen ibn Hussain, Abbas ibn Abdul Muttalib, and the 9 wives of Prophet Muhammad SAWW, including Hazrat Aisha RA, Hazrat Javeria bint Al Harith RA, Hazrat Saffiyah A lot of Holy people were also buried in Jannat ul Baqi, along with Ahl e Bait, either by Prophet Muhammad SAWW or by others.

Even after death, it is a huge honour for a Muslim to die in Madina and be buried in Jannat ul Baqi. Muslims think that the people who were buried there were very lucky, and most people think that this is because they were humble and bowed down to their Lord. Because of this, the Lord gave them the honour of living near the most religious people in history. Hazrat Umar said that Prophet Muhammad SAWW had said, “Whoever can die in Madinah, let him die there. I will make a case for the person who dies in Madina.”

Also, “Whoever visits me on purpose in his life will be with me on the Day of Judgment, and whoever settles in Madina and stands with its trial, I will be a witness and plead for him on the Day of Judgment, and whoever dies in one of the two holy sanctuaries, Allah will bring him back to life among those who are protected.”

So, the next Hadith SAWW makes it clear that the life visit is good, but if you die in Madina and are buried in Jannat ul Baqi, you will be safe and protected by God on the Day of Judgment.

Prophet Muhammad SAWW was born in Madina, and he loved his hometown more than any other. Allah told Prophet Muhammad SAWW to move to Madina when people who don’t believe in Islam made it hard for Muslims to live there and spread the word about Islam. Even though the city of Makkah was his first love, Prophet Muhammad SAWW wanted to spend his last days in Madina. Imam Malik said that when a grave was being dug in Madina, the Prophet Muhammad SAWW was sitting next to it (in Jannat ul Baqi). A man looked inside the grave and said, “What a useless place for a believer to end his life.” Prophet SAWW said, “What a useless thing you have said.” After that, the man said, “I didn’t mean that about the grave itself.” I only wanted to die in Allah’s way.’ So, the Last Messenger SAWW said, “There is nothing better than dying in the path of Allah Almighty, but there is no place on Earth that I would rather be buried than here.” He then SAWW said the same line again and again.

The companions of Prophet Muhammad SAWW also wanted to die in the city of Madina and be buried in the Garden of Jannah. Hazrat Umar ibn Khatab RA, who was the third caliph of Islam and is still remembered today for his bravery and heroism, also wanted very much to die here and be buried as a martyr. He RA made a prayer about his death that went like this: “Oh Allah! Make me a martyr in your way, and let me die in the city of your Prophet SAWW.”

4 star Ramadan Umrah Packages & Deals 2023 are available at Islamic Travel and special hotels for the Madinah are offered. For a Muslim, dying in Medina is not death, but a long life that will never end. All of these good qualities and advice come from the fact that Madinah is the city that welcomed the beloved Prophet of Allah and was important to him. Prophet Muhammad SAWW is the last prophet for Muslims, and it is part of their faith to admire him. So, in the end, the things he liked became important to Muslims because they loved him. So, Muslims see and feel that Madinah is worth going to because of this.


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