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Last updated on September 3rd, 2022 at 10:14 pm

Astrology is a discipline that deals with the study of calculating the position of stars at the time of a person’s birth. Based on these calculations predictions are made by the astrologers that which star is going to affect life in what way. This is a very popular discipline and people are getting involved with it as much as possible for a long while. We have many renowned astrologers men as well as women who are making predictions for the lives of humans by calculating the position of stars and the zodiac signs of a person. Astrologer like Jai Madden is very popular apart from many others in the row but there is very little known about her like Dr. Jai madden age and her husband she is very professional in her career and never compromise with her appointments.

Astrology predictions are based on the calculation of stars’ position at birth

The astrology predictions that are made by astrologers are based on the star and their position as said before. Astrologer claims that whatever they predict for a person’s life is true and they can avoid upcoming difficulties in their life by taking certain steps as per their suggestions. They also predict the best and worst times that a person is going to encounter in his life in the future and how to tackle such time wisely.

There are a total of 12 Zodiac Signs in Astrology

If you are not a very big fan of astrology and do not have any idea about its fundamentals then this is important to know that there are twelve zodiac signs in total on which the different predictions are made by the astrologers. Zodiac sign plays a crucial role and one zodiac is specified to every person based on his birth time and star position at that time. Astrologers ask for the zodiac sign of a person before making any perdition related to his career, family life, health, etc.

How Babylon Empire come up with the idea of Astrology

The origin of Astrology we can say that belief in astrology first began in the empire of Babylon where people starts making predictions for the life on the basis of the revolving sun, moon, and other planets. Then this astrology faith flourished across the globe and today almost everywhere we can see the roots of astrology and people believe in it and also adopt different ways to come out of difficulties that they are going to meet based on the astrology predictions.

Astrology is not backed by sciences

Although we can see a good fan following of astrologers it is not backed by science and science find it invalid and irrelevant which has no grounds for empirical knowledge and proof. As per the science, there is no truth in astrology predictions and it cannot be considered a discipline as well. So we can say that astrology is purely based on the faith and beliefs of a person and it is not a true way of knowing the future. We can see astrologers themselves are facing a lot of problems and they are even not able to deal with them.

Do Astrology really works in our life?

As said before astrology is not a true way of knowing things as per sciences but still people have a deep belief in it. They find it useful to get rid of their future problems by knowing them and their solutions from the astrologers. Many people say that they believe in astrology as whatever predictions made by the astrologer for them turned out true and solutions given by astrologers also become useful for them to get rid of those problems.

These are the main and fundamental things that you should know about astrology and cannot be ignored. Astrology is a discipline that is admired for the length and breadth of the globe and we cannot ignore it just because of the fact that science says that it is not based on the truth and empirical knowledge. This is because many people have faith in God and the almighty but still there is no empirical knowledge about God as well.

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