All You Need to Know about the History of Google

when was google founded

2010 Nexus announces Google Buzz, Google Fiber, Google TV and Google Driveless Car

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In 2010, Google announced various services. In January, Google announced its first smartphone Nexus. Google Buzz, a tweeting social network (integrated with Gmail), Google Fiber, an experimental broadband Internet construction using optical fiber communication, Google TV, a smart TV platform by Google (successor to Android), automatic There are Google driveless cars that are conscious of driving.

Incorporated September 4, 1998

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In the years that followed, Google also began to attract the attention of Silicon Valley investors. In August 1998, Sun Microsystems co-founder Andy Vectersheim contributed a $100,000 check. In addition, Amazon founder Jeff Pezos, Stanford University computer science professor David Cheriton, and entrepreneur Ram Shriram are also investing. After that, venture capital firms Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and Sequoia Capital invested mainly, Google was founded successfully and raised $ 25 million in funding.

And it’s the official birth of Google Inc. The investment prompted the newly incorporated team to upgrade from a dormitory to its first office. A computer, a ping-pong table, a bright blue carpet, and a place to hang out from early in the morning until late at night.

2011 Google Music and Google+ announced

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On May 10, 2011, Google Music (Music Beta by Google), a cloud music service, was announced, and on June 28, Google+, an SNS, was announced.

Currently, as Google Play Music, it is a Google music playback application that allows you to easily enjoy music. In addition to playing music transferred from a computer, music uploaded to the Play Music website, and music purchased from the Play Store, you can use a flat-rate music distribution service.

Google+ was once an SNS operated by Google, but on April 2, 2019, the service was terminated due to the lack of users of Google+.

2012 Google Glass announced

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On April 4, 2012, the product test of the glasses type gadget “Google Glass” began. Although it was officially commercialized in 2013, concerns about privacy infringement have been raised, and development has been stalled without being able to dispel this. It seems that development has not completely stopped as of 2019, and it seems that it is still being developed for some markets.

2013 Announces Project Loon, releases Chromecast, partners with edX, and launches Calico

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On June 14, 2013, we announced “Project Loon” as a balloon Internet network project. It is a plan to connect people in areas where communication networks have not been developed up to now to the Internet through relay devices mounted on high-altitude balloons.

Also in the same month, Google released “Chromecast”, a device for streaming content to TVs. Google’s trend toward smart home gadgets, which wasn’t a revolutionary device, says it was able to compete with the Amazon Fire and Apple TV due to its low price.

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On September 10th, we partnered with edX and announced online lectures. In November, Google Helpouts, an online collaboration service, allows users to share their expertise through live video and provide real-time help with computers.

And on September 18th, we announced the establishment of Calico to tackle aging, disease and healthcare. Calico has become a new American biotechnology research and development company along with Google and others.

2015 Founded Alphabet Inc.

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On August 10, 2015, Google announced plans to establish Alphabet Inc as a holding company and reorganize its organization in order to focus on each business. It includes businesses such as Nest, GoogleX, Fiber, and Google Ventures.

2016 Google Home is born

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In May 2016, Google released an AI-powered smart speaker (Google Home). You can also search for information and operate linked home appliances by recognizing voice with a built-in microphone. Even now, it is sold with products equipped with Siri and products such as Amazon Alexa. In 2019, products began to be sold in Japan.

2018 Established an office in New York

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In December 2018, Google announced a $1 billion investment in new offices in New York’s Hudson Square for more than 7,000 employees. We have doubled our office space and grown our New York workforce to over 14,000.

Why Google succeeded

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The main reasons why Google has grown into such a large company are

  • Developing a system called a search engine (Page Rank) that ranks web pages
  • Combining ads with search results
  • The axis must be the Internet industry
  • Always creating new business
  • producing the best products

It is considered.

Developing a system called a search engine (Page Rank) that ranks web pages

By developing a search engine that ranks web pages, high-quality content will automatically be displayed at the top from a huge amount of information. Currently, it is said to be SEO optimization, but since poor quality content is rarely seen, it is possible to deliver high-quality content to users.

Combining ads with search results

By combining advertisements with search results, users’ concerns can be resolved immediately. For example, when users are looking for a good “beauty cream”, they can make a smooth purchase by placing an advertisement for the product. You can reduce the procedure to check the product again and purchase it.

The axis must be the Internet industry

We live in an era of rapid technological innovation. Google continues to invest in IT companies. From there, we have further developed it in conjunction with our own services, making our lives more and more convenient.

Always creating new business

As I mentioned earlier, Google offers a wide range of services. Rather than sticking to one business, we create a wide range of products that can be used by users over the long term.

producing the best products

As a result of the upheaval, product superiority is now the most important factor in a company’s success. It’s not information management, distribution channel dominance, or overwhelming marketing power.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin were also good at computer science, but each of them had a high level of specialized knowledge when developing products, excellent execution ability, and not just thinking of concepts, but creating prototypes. It is thought that the best product is completed because it is done by people who can do it.


How was that. This time, we have explained the history of Google from the beginning to the present.

Although it’s history, there’s a lot to learn from Google’s past. By digging deep into the fact that we continue to provide convenient services to users, and that we continue to innovate and come up with unique ideas, we may be able to make use of them in our daily lives.

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