Aluminum ball valve

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Alloy Tubes is a well-known distributor and exporter of Aluminum ball valves, Aluminum ball valves are used in situations where tight shutoff is required. They are wide service valves, capable of transferring gases, liquids and liquids with solids in suspension (sludge). We offer best quality Aluminum Hydraulic Ball Valves which are manufactured as per customer requirements. All valves manufactured by us are hydraulically and pneumatically tested as per the requirements of our customers.

Aluminum two-way ball valves are used to switch

 Between pump Lines during mobile fueling applications. One line closes before the other opens, making them true two-way valves. These high performances, lightweight aluminum floating ball valves are made of aluminum and the wetted parts are aluminum and Anix USA. These valves have 37° flare tube fittings that form a tight seal on metal piping lines for transferring diesel fuel, fuel oil, and gasoline. They are all full port so they do not restrict flow. These Aluminum electronically actuated ball valves aid in the automation of process control valves. Each is designed for easy online maintenance and can be connected in parallel. These in-line aluminum ball valves feature a direct, straight flow design that is capable of flowing over 2,000 nitrous horsepower.

Aluminum actuated ball valve and actuated butterfly valve

Options from Grainger help automate the starting and stopping of flows. When combined with a solenoid, pneumatic actuators can also produce torque to move cylinders or enough torque to activate small electrical devices. List of countries where Tub’s Allegation supplies Aluminum Ball Valves: USA, Mexico, South Korea, Spain, Argentina, Colombia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, United Kingdom.

We offer variety of ball valves

Such as end connection options include male/female NPT, tube OD ferrule compression, and 1/8″ to 1″ ISO threads. Configurations include 2-way, 3-way (side/bottom entry) and 4-way valves. We have panel mount type, 2 pieces round body design as well as 3 piece square body designs. Optional features include panel mounting, interlock devices, and upstream/downstream venting.

Advantages of Aluminum Ball Valve:

  • Heavy duty seal or metal to metal seal.
  • Overall diameter of the fireproof design Reduce the inner diameter, anti-static.
  • Double block and bleed function.
  • Fat injection for seat and stem.
  • Cavity pressure self-relief.
  • Optional lockable device.
  • Aluminum Ball Valve Packing:

All exposed threads on the products are protected with plastic caps to prevent damage and each assembly is packaged in a sealed, clear poly bag for cleaning and carefully packed in cardboard boxes to prevent damage in transit. Each and every package is labeled for proper and easy identification.

Aluminum Ball Valve Test:

Standard Test: Each valve is factory tested with nitrogen at 1000 psig (69 bars) for seat and packing leaks, maximum allowable leak rate of 0.1 SCCM.

Optional Hydrostatic Test: This test is performed with demonized water at 1.5 times the working pressure. Other tests such as vibration, temperatures, helium, etc. are available upon request.


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