Amazing Charts EHR vs Compulink EHR: Comparison

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This article compares Amazing Charts EHR and Compulink EHR. It provides a side-by-side comparison of their features and pricing plans.

Amazing Charts EHR

Amazing Charts is an Electronic Health Record (EHR) that was built from the ground up with the goal of being easy to use, affordable, and secure. It was developed by a team of medical professionals who were frustrated with existing EHRs that were too complicated for doctors to use effectively.

With over 6,000 users in more than 100 countries around the world, Amazing Charts is one of the most popular open source Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems on the market today. It’s also one of the most affordable EHRs available at $0/month plus a one-time fee of $249 per doctor (2 doctors included).

Compulink EHR

Compulink is an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) that was built by healthcare professionals for healthcare professionals. The system was designed with input from doctors who work in every type of clinic or hospital so that it meets their needs perfectly. It’s used by over 60,000 hospitals and clinics in over 30 countries around.

Amazing Charts EHR Features

Amazing charts ehr, an electronic health records (EHR) software designed for small practices, has the following features:

Scheduling: Amazing Charts EHR allows you to schedule appointments for patients. The software also allows you to view the schedule for each day and week, allowing you to see if you have enough time slots available for new patients. It also allows you to create appointment reminders and manage waitlists.

Charting: This software offers many charting options, including free-form notes as well as structured data entry fields for collecting information about allergies and medications. You can also use drop-down menus to enter information into a patient’s record when possible. In addition, this EHR offers templates that allow you to add information that is relevant to your practice but not necessarily relevant across all practices (such as lab results).

Patient Tracking – Patient records are stored in an electronic database for easy access by both staff and patients. Patients can be tracked by demographic information, appointment history, and clinical information such as allergies, immunizations, labs and procedures.

Compulink Features

Practice Management System: This is a comprehensive practice management system that helps you manage all aspects of your practice such as scheduling appointments, billing patients and maintaining their records.

Patient Portal: The patient portal allows patients to access their medical records online from anywhere at any time. It also allows you to send secure messages to your patients about upcoming appointments or changes in their insurance coverage.

Billing Software: This feature allows you to bill your patients using several methods like electronic claims submission, accepting credit card payments through online portals etc. You can also print checks using this feature for paying your employees or vendors using QuickBooks integration feature in Compulink EHR software.

Automated alerts – Our system automatically emails you when something needs your attention, like a patient appointment reminder or a new lab result. You can even set up automated responses that remind patients of upcoming appointments or upcoming payments due to be made.

Amazing Charts EHR Reviews vs Compulink EHR Reviews

Amazing Charts EHR

“Amazing Charts is a great EHR software. The user interface is very easy to navigate and the functionality is robust. I have been using Amazing Charts for over 4 years now and I would recommend it to any physician looking for an Electronic Health Record.” – Dr. Srinivasan K.R., General Surgery

Amazing Charts’ user reviews are also mostly positive, with a 4.3-star rating out of 5 on G2Crowd. Users who rated the product highly praised its ease of use, customization options, and affordability.

Compulink EHR

“Compulink was a great choice for our practice! We were looking for an EMR that would give us everything we needed in one place, but we still wanted something that was easy to use and would integrate with our other systems seamlessly. Compulink has been great so far!” – Dr. Calixto Lopez, Internal Medicine

Compulink’s user reviews are mostly positive, with a 4.2-star rating out of 5 on G2Crowd. Users who rated the product highly praised its ease of use and robust functionality.

Amazing Charts EHR Pricing vs Compulink EHR Pricing

Amazing Charts EHR offers a free 30-day trial, which is great for getting a feel for the software. However, it’s important to note that this is only available for one user. If you want to use the software with multiple users, then you’ll need to purchase an annual license.

Compulink EHR offers a free 30-day trial as well. The catch here is that the demo version only allows one user to use the software at a time. This means you can try out Compulink on your own or let one other person in your office use it for 30 days. You can also purchase an annual subscription and access unlimited users within your practice.

So which one should you go with? This depends on how many people will be using the system in your practice, but also how much money you’re willing to spend upfront on software licensing fees (which can get expensive quickly).

Amazing Charts EHR vs Compulink EHR: The Verdict

The verdict is in! We have reviewed both Amazing Charts EHR and Compulink EHR and compared the two. Both products are amazing, but there are some differences between them.

Amazing Charts is a full-featured, cloud-based EMR with a robust, mobile-friendly interface that’s designed to accommodate multiple users and an array of practice sizes. The software boasts several advanced features such as calendar management, document management, workflow management and secure messaging.

Compulink is also a full-featured EMR with an intuitive user interface that requires minimal training for users to become familiar with it. The software also integrates seamlessly with other practices’ electronic medical records systems so you can share patient information quickly and easily.

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