Amazing Facts

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One of the most common questions you will hear in any introduction is, “What is your favorite movie?” Or, if it’s your first time meeting someone, “What celebrity would you like to take out on a date?”

The best way to respond to this question is to choose an interesting fact that is relevant to both your life and theirs. That way, you can be confident that the conversation will flow easily.

About Amazing Facts

Amazing Facts is a non-profit Seventh-day Adventist evangelistic ministry that broadcasts daily television programming worldwide. It focuses on the three angels’ messages of Revelation 14.

A pioneer in multimedia outreach, Amazing facts is committed to communicating God’s Word in a simple and relevant way. Their programs are clear, concise, and biblically sound.

In addition to their media outreach, Amazing Facts also publishes a variety of Christ-centered books and offers Bible school correspondence courses. The organization also sends trained evangelists into the field to win souls for Jesus.

Amazing Facts is led by Doug Batchelor, an energetic soul-winning evangelist who has traveled the globe presenting dynamic seminars and teaching churches how to be ready for Christ’s imminent return. He is a visionary leader and dedicated soul-winner with a passion to reveal Christ and the plan of salvation through Scripture. He is the senior pastor at Granite Bay Hilltop Church and president of Amazing Facts International.

World Trivia

The world is a big place, with a lot to learn about it. Whether you’re looking for fun, interesting facts about nature or global politics, there’s something here for everyone!

These quiz questions will get you thinking and learning about the world around you. There are lots of topics to choose from, and some of them are difficult enough to challenge even the smartest of minds!

There are 28 levels to complete, with stars for each level you answer correctly. If you’re stuck, you can use hints to help you out!

There are a variety of questions to choose from, including animal trivia, science facts, and cartoon quizzes. Plus, there are plenty of photo-related questions for you to test your knowledge. This is the perfect quiz game for anyone looking to have some fun! Whether you’re playing on your own or with friends, it’s sure to be an entertaining and educational experience. So get started!

Bible Trivia

The Bible is a collection of divinely inspired books that have been widely translated and studied throughout history. It is a book that has shaped Western culture and the lives of people all over the world.

The Christian faith is based on the Bible, which is often referred to as Scripture. It is a collection of written works that describe the story of God and his plan to restore the world.

There are many amazing facts about the Bible that you may not be aware of. These Bible trivia questions are a great way to test your knowledge of the holy book and to learn more about it.

This game can be played with young children or by adults who want to get a better understanding of the Bible and its contents. It is a great way to test their biblical literacy and to have fun.

History Trivia

History is a huge topic and can be hard to keep track of. It’s also full of little, random details that help us better understand a time or person in history.

This is especially true for the past. There are tons of fun facts and amazing things that happened in the past.

However, sometimes these historical facts get lost in the shuffle. That’s where this list comes in handy: it’s a great place to bookmark all of the wacky, wild and interesting bits of history that you’ve never heard about before!

From the woman who was a slave who became a fierce advocate for women’s rights to the woman who refused to give up her bus seat on the way home, this list features women who made a difference in our society. These women are the inspiration behind every woman’s freedom and rights we enjoy today! So get your pen and paper ready, because it’s time to test your knowledge of these amazing facts!


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