An Easy Way To Find Demat Account Number From Pan Card

Today it has become mandatory for a demat account to be linked to a PAN in order to remain operational. So, if you’re wondering how to find your demat account number using your PAN card and how this linkage can help you, let me explain it in a simple way in this post.

To open a demat account, you need to have a PAN card issued by the Income Tax department. By linking your PAN and demat account, you can have seamless access to both. This means that if you have either your PAN number or your demat account number, you can use this linkage to find the other piece of information. So, if you’re interested in opening a demat account, make sure you have a PAN card handy. The process is quite straightforward, and once you link your PAN with your demat account, you’ll be able to manage your investments efficiently.

Steps to get your demat account number from your PAN card

You’ll have to check your demat statement or your demat online account if you don’t remember the details offhand. But, it’s a good idea to mask your demat account number for security reasons. However, you can find your demat account number by using your PAN card issued by the Income Tax department. The following steps will help you find your demat account based on your PAN.

  • Opening a demat account is the first step. You can do that online with a DP—who is your broker. Also, using a demat app for Android makes opening a demat account quick and convenient. 
  • As a next step to setting up your demat account, you need to complete all KYC requirements like uploading your identity proof and address proof.
  • It’s important to note that apart from proof of address and identity, you must also submit a PAN card and a copy of a cancelled check as proof of bank account. PAN cards are crucial as all stock and profit/loss flows are tracked with them.
  • If you’re opening an account offline, it takes 3-4 days to complete the process. However, with a digital DP account, you can do KYC just by linking your Aadhar and then you have to go in person for verification.
  • Once the account is opened, you need to confirm your digital details through two-factor authentication, usually using your email ID and phone number, and quite often a second-level OTP.
  • Remember that your PAN card is a link to your DP and Trading account for income tax filings. In the Annual Information Report, which is uploaded each year by the Income Tax department, you can read about the impact of this linkage. Using the DP statement, every trade in the trading account and every loss/profit in the DP account is mapped to your income tax statement.
  • PAN card and demat account are already linked, so any communication will always mention the PAN, and you can use that to identify your demat account. 

Advantages of Linking PAN to a Demat Account

  • By mapping your PAN card to your demat account, you make it harder for others to misuse your stocks and bonds.
  • PAN cards prove that you are authorised to buy and sell shares.
  • It is mandatory to link your demat account with PAN. As demat accounts store shares on your behalf, you are more secure.
  • When seeking loans against your shares, having your demat account linked to your PAN card is beneficial. For such loans, many financial institutions require the PAN card to be mapped to the demat account.
  • You can authenticate your tax returns with digital keys, Aadhar card, or bank account. However, it is only possible if your PAN card is mapped to your demat account.
  • You can use a mapped demat account to support visa applications for countries like the US, UK, and Schengen. This can prove your investment activity and financial stability.


You must link your PAN card to your demat account to keep it active. The linkage makes it easy to find the other using either your PAN or your demat account number. Additionally, once your demat account is linked to your PAN, you can manage your investments quickly. Also, your PAN card can help you find your demat account number. Moreover, there are also other benefits to linking PAN to demat.

The necessary steps for opening a demat account include completing KYC requirements, providing PAN card and bank account information, and going through the verification process. It is helpful to consult the blinkX website for assistance when opening a demat account. They provide guidance on the required steps and documentation, making the process as seamless and hassle-free as possible.

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