An Introduction to Facebook Business Suite

Facebook Business Suite is a suite of tools designed to help small business owners manage their presence on the social media platform. It combines the features of both Facebook Pages and Ads Manager, giving small business owners a comprehensive view of all the activities taking place in their account. With this suite, businesses can better track performance metrics and create more effective campaigns. Let’s take a look at how Business Suite works and what benefits it provides.

What Does Facebook Business Suite Do?

The primary purpose of the Business Suite is to give users an overview of their activities across multiple platforms—Facebook Pages, Ads Manager, Instagram, and Messenger—in one dashboard. This way, you can easily monitor your performance across all these platforms without having to switch between browsers or tabs. The dashboard also has other features such as analytics tools that allow you to track key performance indicators (KPIs) like page views, engagement rate, post reach and engagement levels. You can also use this feature to compare your performance with competitors in your industry or with other pages similar to yours. Additionally, you can use the analytics tool to track customer service inquiries and responses from both Facebook Pages and Messenger.

The Business Suite also offers a range of creative tools that allow you to craft visually stunning posts and ads with ease. You can create high-quality images directly within the tool using one of its templates or custom design options, or you can upload existing images from your computer or device library into the editor. Additionally, you can easily add text overlays and video clips directly within the tool’s interface for even more customization options. All these features make it much easier for businesses to create highly engaging content for their customers without needing any additional design skills or software programs.

Finally, Management Tools help keep your account organized by allowing you to quickly schedule posts in advance as well as review them afterwards before publishing them live on social media channels like Instagram Stories or Facebook Page timelines. Additionally, you can view insights about each post such as engagement numbers or page visits so that you can adjust future strategies according to real-time data insights from previous posts if necessary.


Facebook Business Suite is an incredible tool for small business owners who want an easy way to manage their presence on social media platforms like Facebook Pages and Instagram Stories with ease while also gaining access to valuable insights on user engagement levels across multiple channels in one convenient dashboard view. Not only does it offer creative tools like image editing capabilities so that businesses can quickly craft high-quality visuals without needing any prior design knowledge; but it also offers management tools such as scheduling functionality so that they always know when their posts will be published live without having to manually update them every time they need updating. If you’re a small business owner looking for an easy way manage all your digital marketing efforts from one place then this suite is definitely worth checking out!


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