Analog TV to digital TV converter – switching to digital broadcasting

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After the introduction of color television, there was nothing but a massive transition from analog to digital television. With the impending transition from analog to digital TV, digital TV is now a big deal for the government and all the local coffee shops. With each day getting closer to the deadline, you can’t avoid the digital boom.

Although Congress mandated in early 2007

 That all televisions manufactured must have a digital tuner, many people buy an analog-to-digital converter. Because most TV owners still have non-digital TVs and no digital tuners. While most have cable or satellite TV, most still use rabbit rails to access local channels and sporting events. Even in some places, many cable companies still transmit analog  스포츠중계 .

Does that mean you need to jump in your car and run to the store? Not really, because you need to check a few things before doing so. First, you need to determine whether you have digital streaming from a satellite or cable box. Unless you’re using bunny ears and receiving via satellite, you don’t need a DAC. A digital TV converter box is only needed if you are not using satellite or cable with a digital feed. If you use free-to-air TV, you will need to purchase a digital TV converter box.

The question now is how much it will cost and whether

 the government will help. The answer is yes, the government helps with discounts. You can go online and look for websites that are more detailed about the rebate process. But as the deadline approaches, more and more stores are selling digital TV set-top boxes. Analog-to-digital converter boxes cost anywhere from $30 to over $100 depending on features. As the date passes, demand increases, making it difficult to find the cheapest version when supplies are available.

Analog to digital TV converters can also be found in many online stores. One recommended store is the Analog-Digital TV Converter Store, an auction store where you can find them for under $10. You can also find many other websites just by searching the internet for terms.


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