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 What is the keyword tool called Answer the Public all about?

Answer the Public tracks, collects, and reminds you about questions raised by people on Google. It taps into Google’s autocomplete data, to learn about commonly asked questions by people about a keyword or key phrase. You can get new, creative insights into all kinds of products and services by using this data.  They can tell you what people think about various products and services.

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Why is Answer the Public useful?

  • Keyword meaning analysis
  • Insight into long term new keywords
  • Ideas for the creation of new content
  • SEO Improvement
  • Unearths trends in the market
  • Question based keywords

How does it Answer the public work?

SEO experts know the importance of Answer the Public. The tool focus on Target audience, and also understand what is going on inside the minds of the target group of people and what they are looking for. You can use this tool to carry out keyword research in the language and region of your choice. It gives massive data and its ease of use makes it a perfect tool for taking the right SEO decisions

Major advantages of Answer the Public

  • Tools has a massive database
  • It gives results quickly
  • Allows research in multiple languages
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Gives out relevant data
  • Longtail keywords focused on questions

What you can do with Answer the Public

Unearth a treasure house of novel content ideas

Find out Topics, which people are trying to get by analyzing their keywords. You can create engaging and valuable content for readers with the help of Answer the Public.

No more guesswork with Answer the Public

You will never find yourself short of content whether it is a blog post, website content, or email newsletter. Find out relevant content ideas your readers will fall in love with.

Increase your efficiency 

Analyze the keywords and search terms used by people around your topic to come up with a brilliant content idea in a short time period. You need not indulge in brainstorming by manually looking at the keyword. 

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Make your content powerful

You can come up with user friendly content that your reader will love to read. They will also share it with their friends. Unearth new ideas about a topic from various angles with the help of Answer the Public. 

Crush your competition

Edge out competitors by finding gaps in their content and by creating engaging content for your readers. Improve on-page SEO and increase organic traffic on your blog with Answer the Public. 

Discover the real thought process of the people

Make your content valuable by giving your readers what they want. Use this tool to increase trust and enhance reputation. 

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The biggest database ever collected on the human psyche is yours in the form of Google searches. 

A goldmine for SEO experts

SEO experts use Answer the Public in different ways to increase traffic and improve the ranking of a website. It provides highly valuable help in keyword research and content creation. Answer the Public tool is used mostly for Keyword research, topics, keyword opportunities, long tail queries etc. Find here a list of Free SEO Tools 2022 from GENESISMINDS

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