Apple’s New Year’s drama “Return” to see iPhone 13 Pro video features

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  Apple’s 2021 Lunar New Year film “Return” was officially launched this Friday. This is also the beginning of “Three Minutes” in 2018, and Apple’s fifth Lunar New Year film launched for the Chinese Lunar New Year. This year’s “Coming Back” tells the story of an unpopular martial arts double who returned to his hometown due to an injury. Infected by his father and a group of enthusiastic villagers, he used his mobile phone to shoot a promotional video for his hometown. The whole film is lighthearted and humorous, including traditional martial arts, Hollywood sci-fi, as well as local feelings, humorous comedy and father-son family affection.

Zhang Meng, the director of “The Comeback”, once directed the movie “Steel Piano”. “Comeback” and “Steel Piano” are similar in that they focus on the fringe areas where visual images are rarely seen. The entire film, like the previous Apple New Year films, was shot using this year’s flagship iPhone 13 Pro series.

  Let’s briefly review the camera configuration of the iPhone 13 Pro series.

  Released in mid-September last year, the iPhone 13 Pro series is the flagship model in Apple’s latest iPhone 13 series. The iPhone 13 Pro series continues the design of the previous generation iPhone 12 Pro series, and the camera composed of three cameras still maintains 12 million pixels. Among them, the main camera of the iPhone 13 Pro series uses a new sensor with a unit pixel of 1.9 μm, which is the largest area sensor currently used by the iPhone. In addition, the ultra-wide-angle lens of the iPhone 13 Pro has added autofocus and macro functions, and the telephoto lens has been increased to 3 times the equivalent of 77mm.

In terms of photography functions, in addition to ProRAW, which has been added to the iPhone 13 Pro series, Apple also brings a “movie mode” and professional ProRes format to videos. Shooting brings more innovative ways and richer creative techniques. This is reflected most vividly in the fight scene at the beginning of the Lunar New Year drama “The Comeback”.

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 In the fierce fighting scene at the beginning of the film, there is a scene of fighting in the car, which is very coherent from beginning to end. From the tidbits shared later, we can see that this scene of fighting in the car was basically shot by hand after the mobile phone was installed in the rabbit cage. Impact. For ordinary users, whether it is shooting Vlog or daily video recording life, excellent anti-shake is always the guarantee of final image stability.

 In addition to anti-shake stabilization, the iPhone 13 Pro’s “movie mode” is also a highlight in the film. For example, at the end of the film, the father and son avoid the sandstorm and talk in the car. In the past, when shooting similar scenes, it was necessary to constantly switch the focus of the lens to present similar scenes. Today, an iPhone 13 Pro mobile phone uses the “movie mode” to automatically switch the focus according to the change of the subject. The whole process is very smooth and there is no delay. Even ordinary users can use this function to shoot videos with excellent blur effect and full movie feel.

In addition to the above-mentioned stronger anti-shake performance and “movie mode”, the video quality performance of the iPhone 13 Pro is also very good.

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  The iPhone 13 Pro series can shoot up to 4K 60p video, and supports Apple’s professional ProRes format, giving more room for video adjustments later. In the Lunar New Year film “The Comeback”, there are many shots taken at night, in low light environments or in backlit environments. These shots fully reflect the imaging level of the iPhone 13 Pro camera and the improvement of the A15 chip in the image algorithm.

In addition, the macro function added by the ultra-wide-angle lens of the iPhone 13 Pro also brings a richer perspective to video shooting, especially when showing some textures or some special angles, you can use the macro of the ultra-wide-angle lens. function to complete the shooting. In the film “The Comeback”, the shot of the spacecraft approaching Mars was done by using the ultra-wide angle of the iPhone 13 Pro and a rusty iron pot to complete the shooting, showing the details of the iron pot through macro, imitating the performance of Mars; still in the film The scenes of the rover were all shot with the ultra-wide-angle macro of the iPhone 13 Pro model car, and the shooting was done with the help of visual dislocation.

  In short, Apple’s New Year’s film “The Comeback” tells a story full of humor and full of father-son friendship, which is very worth watching. The film also shows the capabilities of the iPhone 13 Pro series in video shooting, which is also the message Apple hopes to convey to every audience through the film, that is, shooting videos with mobile phones can also be like a professional director. Videos, record your own life.

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