Are astrologers really happy?

happy Jai Madaan family
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Astrology is a discipline that has famous names like Jai Madaan and many others. These people are practicing astrology for a long time. But it is not backed by science and they strictly nullify the branch of astrology. Today we will try to find the ground realities of Astrology and whether it works or not. Finding the lives of astrologers and how they are living in personal life will give good proof of it. It becomes easier to know about astrology prediction of Jai Madaan with Jai Madaan family condition. If the astrologer contradicts their predictions and is not happy in life then how they can make others happy? Here is a complete analysis of the relevance of astrology for us.

Is Astrology really work?

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Well, this is an unending debate to talk about and going on for ages. There are people who blindly trust it. At the same time, many others are against the branch of astrology and predictions. There are many famous TV shoes that are based on astrology and run smoothly. So we can say that it is purely a matter of personal belief for everyone. Many are saying that it works for them and others nullify its benefits.

Why science does not accept astrology?

Science only believes in knowledge based on empirical evidence. On the other hand, astrology predictions are not taking science into account. That is the biggest reason why science is not accepting astrology as authentic. It is just like making fake statements as per science which sometimes turn true and sometimes not. Science is not supporting astrology for a long time.

Does astrologer predict their own life?

Well, this is a question everyone is asking around. If astrologers can predict the future of the entire population they can do the same for them also. In case astrologers are making predictions for their life then they must not face any trouble. This is something people expect in the life of astrologers. Well, we can assume that astrologers when pressurizing others to take predictions they are making the same for them also. If they really trust their profession and astrology there is no harm in making future predictions for their own future astrologers.

Are all astrologers happy souls?

This is a big question that can shake the foundation of astrology. If astrologers are not happy souls then why not predict their future? In case they are doing so then why do problems in life still exist? Well, not all astrologers are living a happy life and we have pretty good examples in front of us. Jai Madden is not having a complete married life. Her husband is never seen beside her. At the same time, there are many other astrologers suffering in life. As a result of which we can say that astrologers are also living a common life. They also have to worry about their life and future. It is not in their hand to control the entire happening of their life with astrology.

How astrologer’s life make astrology contradictory?

Like the above example where astrologers are not happy in life many times, we can make this statement. Astrologers are ought to spend a happy life by using their predictions. But they fail to do so because the predictions are not that great. This is the biggest contradiction that shakes the beliefs of many people in this arena. You can trust it but do not rush blindly to astrologers every other day. There should be a limit to doing so. You cannot change your entire life on the basis of astrology. So spend your time doing something fruitful and not revolving around astrologers only.

So we can conclude to a point that astrologers are not really happy always. It depends upon their life situations whether they are happy or not. They cannot predict each and everything in life and can make guesses based on stars’ position. Those who do not believe in astrology do not have the compulsion to try on it. It is merely a matter of faith that you can choose based on your choice. Those who get good in life trust astrology and others just curse it and do not want to trust it also.

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