Are Ball Pythons Good Pets? – Check Out The Reasons

are ball pythons good pets
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If you’ve ever taken a moment to look over the selection of little pets on offer at your neighborhood pet shop, you’ve definitely seen at least one ball python available for adoption.

After all, there are strong reasons why they are one of the most popular species of pet snakes. You’ve come to the appropriate site if you’re attempting to determine are ball pythons good pets for you and your circumstances or whether you wish to persuade the individuals you live with that they have no legitimate reason to despise ball pythons.

Are Ball Pythons Friendly?

There are few snakes that can compare to ball pythons in terms of calmness. They are among the friendliest snakes, but they will undoubtedly take some effort to tame. If you are finding information to know are ball pythons good pets or not then keep reading this article.

Consistent and delicate handling are crucial. If you spend the time handling your ball python either once or twice per day, they will grow to love you and you shouldn’t face any difficulties. 

Are Pet Ball Pythons Dangerous?

Ball pythons are, in fact, not at all hazardous. However, that doesn’t negate the need for certain common sense & safety measures.

There have been no reported fatalities from ball pythons, despite the fact that snakes sometimes receive a poor rap as deadly pets. Even so, you must exercise caution while dealing with them, especially around young children and newborns.

You won’t need to worry about getting any specialized medical care if your ball python bites you on the unusual occasion that it happens. Since ball pythons are not poisonous, you should just wash the injured area to avoid bacterial infection. Keep reading to know the reasons why are ball pythons good pets.

Additionally, even though a 3-5-foot snake is considered little in the world of reptile owners, you shouldn’t have it wrapped around your neck or head. Although it’s quite unlikely that your snake will attempt to constrict you in order to harm you, it can squeeze quite firmly when it’s just attempting to acquire a good hold.

Things That Make Ball Python a Good Pet

Low Maintenance

Overall, snakes need much less maintenance than their friendly, four-legged friends. But even by reptilian standards, ball pythons require remarkably little maintenance. Due to their diminutive stature, they may readily fit in small areas, require very little care from their masters to thrive, and have very low feeding costs. Ball pythons are frequently straightforward pets that can coexist with even the busiest schedules.

Ball Pythons only require one weekly feeding. When they do eat, you may make feeding them even simpler by teaching them to take frozen and thawed mice. Ball pythons that eat seldom also defecate infrequently, which is wonderful for saving money on food. Ball Python owners can now take extended trips without worrying. Remember this if you are looking for are ball pythons good pets or not.

Ball Pythons Have a Long Lifespan

This debate often causes division in a room. Ball pythons, when maintained in captivity, typically live 20 to 30 years. Some people view having a pet that lives a long time as an incredible opportunity that will allow them to spend a lot of time getting to know the animal. Others may find living a long life to be a burden. 

Two decades can bring about a lot of changes, including moving to other countries or states making room for a growing family, or developing medical conditions that limit mobility and, consequently, one’s capacity to care for a snake and are ball pythons good pets ? Yes, a ball python would be a good pet if your life is secure and you are certain that your conditions will permit keeping a 40-gallon terrarium.

Don’t Take Much Space

Since they are among the smallest members of the python family, ball pythons are generally affordable and simple to care for. The average size, which has a max length of 6 feet, is much more reasonable. Only a 10-gallon terrarium will do for babies. Adults may live in a terrarium that is 40 gallons in size. 

They don’t require a complicated setup because their surroundings are very accepting of them. Pythons are found all over the world in a variety of climates. A mature python can grow to be between three and five feet long. 

However, this disregards the size difference between the genders. Average female ball python length is 3-5 feet, making them considerably bigger than their male counterparts. In comparison, male ball pythons often have a max length of just 3 feet. If you have a small living space, a male ball python would be a better alternative for your situation. Regarding why are ball pythons good pets, you must consider this fact.

Entertainment Value

Every choice to get a pet snake has the element of “cool” at its core. The experience of owning a snake as a pet is different from having a cat, dog, rat, or other common pets. But most snake owners aren’t only interested in having an unusual pet or deviating from the norm. 

Undoubtedly, the uniqueness of being able to state that you have a snake can be entertaining in and of itself. However, the sparkling patterns, brilliant colors, or excitement of unique patterns are what pet owners find most enjoyable about their snakes. So, while it is true that snake owners appreciate their pets, a large part of the appeal is primarily visual.

A snake’s entertainment value goes beyond its physical qualities and includes the snake’s behavior. Totally comprehensible But in that situation, a cautious snake that hides most of the time would not make a nice pet for you. Antisocial snakes nonetheless have the ability to be an excellent pet for you if the very prospect of owning one makes you happy. This can be a good reason why are ball pythons good pets.

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End Note

A ball python can be the ideal pet for you if you’re seeking a low-maintenance animal to keep at home. They are calm, simple to care for, and excellent companionship. Although exposure to snakes can sometimes be helpful, not everyone feels comfortable with them.

Therefore, before bringing a snake into your home, you should talk to anyone in your family who feels uneasy about snakes. However, keeping a pet snake is a wonderful option as long as everybody is okay with it. Although ball pythons are beautiful animals and now you know why are ball pythons good pets, not everyone should own a snake as a pet. Make sure you spend a lot of time learning about this snake’s requirements and handling one to determine if it’s the right pet for you.


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