Are Crypto Wallets a Boon For The Average Person? Explains StarApple MNA

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The average person can transact and make money with wallets without being interested in the blockchain concept. 

To start with, we tried to collect information on what exactly is a crypto wallet. 

The official representative replied that a cryptocurrency wallet is nothing more than a piece of software that stores two public and private keys. It interacts with different blockchains, allowing users to transact in virtual currency and check their account balance. Therefore, one is required to have a digital wallet to use cryptocurrency. With some significant and secure differences, it is somewhat comparable to one’s physical wallet.

How Can it be a boon to the Average Man?

The official representative says, “To explain better, let’s take the example of afghans. Afghanistan is a place where nothing is predictable. People are struggling to keep their wealth safe from the Taliban. In such situations, they have made the proper use of crypto wallets. There are not many people who want to purchase Bitcoin. 

They prefer stablecoins, virtual currencies linked to a stable asset like the dollar and intended to hold their value. This is why Afghanistan has had a high demand for cryptocurrencies lately. In times of crisis, earlier people stored their wealth ( cash and jewelry) underground or under the pillows. But now they find solace in keeping their wealth buried in the form of cryptocurrencies in the crypto wallets. 

There is no fear of the Taliban confiscating their wealth and possession, which otherwise is a common sight in Afghanistan. People there even wish they had known about crypto sooner. So with this, it’s clear how valuable the crypto wallets can be for the common man.”

StarApple MNA is soon going to launch its MNA wallet. One can find the link to the MNA wallet on their website soon. They will update the release date on their social media channels as well. StarApple MNA will have its first presales on December 21st. If anyone wishes to participate in their presales, then send the request to

For more about its plans and new features, check out its website:

You can also connect with them through their social media channels







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