Are fish attracted to Underwater LED green light fishing lights on a boat

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Although green fishing lights have become more popular in recent years, fishermen have been using white lights to catch millions of fish long before green lights were available.

When the underwater LED green light fishing lights are projected on or below the water surface, each light will attract the fish, but sometimes one color is stronger than the other. If the baitfish are not converging in the color you use, you may also want to consider switching to another color of light, just like changing the bait color when the fishing speed is slow.

Underwater fishing light

green light fishing lights

Which color is more suitable for application?

Underwater LED green light fishing lights and underwater LED white light fishing lights are mainly used to attract fish to boats, ports and docks. The most common color because it is brighter and can attract fish from farther away. So far, the underwater LED green light fishing light is the most popular light color we sell, because it can not only attract fish well, but also looks good at night, and it will not make your eyes uncomfortable in the dark night, And less and less light than milky white attracts little bugs.

The green light is especially like wearing polarized glasses, which can penetrate the water better, causing lower glare, so that you can see more clearly when the fish are swimming under the light. 

green light fishing lights

Hue is likely more important for fishing and shrimping. The two most popular colors for fishing and prawning are green and white, and although green is the most popular color for these sports, it’s always a good idea to try two colors if your nights are slow.

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When examining green light and white light, it is not difficult to find that in the same water, green light will attract a “large” number of smaller baitfish, while bright light will attract fewer but “higher” baitfish. Changing the color of the light is no different than changing the hue of the bait when fishing in a different environment.

New Sunshine has recently launched a new green LED fishing light, which has become a favorite light for fishing, shrimping and ice fishing! The key to fishing under the underwater LED green light fishing light is to attract enough baitfish under the light. Once baitfish occur, larger game fish will no longer be a problem.

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