Are Latex Mattresses Hot To Sleep During Summers?

For hot sleepers, natural latex mattress is good to give cool and comfortable sleep. What is the struggle to believe a myth that latex mattress is hot in summers? If you don’t want to wake in mid-night with high body temperature and sweating, the natural latex mattress is better than synthetic ones.

The open cell structure of natural latex mattresses will give better airflow between the layers of the mattress. This allows you to sleep cooler as compared with other mattress options in the market, like memory foam, closed-cell foam, or synthetic latex mattresses. Such mattresses have poor airflow and let have bad ventilation properties.


Do Natural Latex Mattress Will Let You Sleep Hot?

Never, it won’t. Certain factors also influence the body temperature in a mattress, like its material, manufacturing process, cell structure, etc. The bedding stuff you use, like a bedsheet, mattress cover, and the climatic condition, also makes one sleep hot or cold.

We all have different needs, and some people will feel okay having synthetic latex mattresses. It’s thermoregulatory differences we have. In some cases, a medical condition also leads to more sweating and high body temperature.

Typically, natural latex mattresses are cooler and more comfortable for all sleepers than all-foam-based, closed-cell memory foam mattresses. You can even go with a hybrid or gel-infused latex mattress to sleep easy and cool.

The point is constant air circulation in mattress layers never lets you sleep hot and sweated. It does not even trap the body’s heat in layers of the mattress yet escapes easily. If not okay with latex mattresses, innerspring or coil mattresses are also worth for hot sleepers.

It does not have any layer of foam but has a spring core and comfort layer made of natural fiber. Therefore ensuring relaxed sleep within the comfort layer allows better airflow.

Is Firmer Latex Mattress Give Cooler Sleep Than Plusher Latex Mattress?

The level of firmness comes in natural latex mattresses gives good comfort and healthy sleep for years. Well, firmer latex mattresses tend to provide cool sleep than plusher latex mattresses because they have padding sewn top.

Mattress with pillow-top works as an additional comfort layer. The low insulating effect in some latex mattresses can trap heat and reduce the comfort level. Thus increasing the surface tension by comparison.

If you are a front or back sleeper, then firmer latex mattresses are best and likely a less ideal choice for side sleepers.


Is Thinner Layered Latex Mattress Give Cool Sleep Than Thicker Layered Latex Mattress?


Yes! A mattress does come with different layers; some have thinner, and others can be thicker. But does it affect the sleep quality? It affects mattresses with thick upper layers that provide more comfort and promote sinkage than thinner mattresses.

The more you sink into the mattress will give efficiency to have an insulation effect on the body. Thus can be hot. So if you really want to sleep fantastic the whole night, then a thinner layered latex mattress is best.

The suggestion is to buy a natural latex mattress with less than 10 inches of layers to have a cool sleep, not the thicker layered mattresses.

The Bottom Line:

Choosing natural latex mattress will give comfortable and cool sleep. The better airflow or ventilation the mattress shares will ensure you healthy sleep. Not investing in latex mattresses, not on other options, is ideal for hot sleepers.

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