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The biggest question you get asked as you wander the provinces of RuneScape as a rich player is Can I have some money please? Or How did you get so rich? During this article, I hope to pass on just one of the secrets that got me to the wealth I am at today.

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Let’s talk about merchanting (AKA merching).

I’m going to direct this particular guide at the free-to-play (F2P) audiences so that they too can generate easy mills! Of course, the techniques and methods stay the same, so you can easily transfer what you learn here to P2P worlds (more choice of items = better merchs!)

I’ll stop beating around the bush now and give you 5 clear steps to merch!

1) Go to the Grand Exchange with your money!

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2) Go to the RuneScape home page and find the GE information page. Then go to the highest price rises page and choose an item. Other items that work well most of the time are: Rune Weapons / Armour, Runes, Strength Potions, Food, Arrows and Green Dragonhide.

3) Time to check if the item you chose is good or not! Click to buy one of them on the Grand Exchange – then spam click +5% a few times so your offer is stupidly high for the item. Once you’ve bought the item, collect it and your change and go to your GE history. Note down the price you bought the item for.

4) Now, click to sell the item you just bought and offer it for a ridiculously low price (even 1gp is fine). When it has sold check your history and note down the price that it sold at.

5) Now you should have two prices written down. One higher than the other. These are the two prices you will use to merchant with! The lower price is the price that you will buy the item for and the higher price is the price that you will sell the item for. You will be making a profit of higher price – lower price on every item you buy and sell this way!

Now obviously, it’s important not to waste your time and merchant something with only 1gp difference. So here’s a short calculation you can do to see if the item is worth your time:

(Higher Price – Lower Price) / Lower Price x 100

That simple sum will give you a percentage. That percentage dictates your percentage profit. Try to find an item that is 3-4+% anything lower than that and you’re wasting your time (unless the profit is like 100k or something on more expensive items like godswords).

If you’d like to read more, then I’ve compiled and will be constantly updating a Squidoo lens which you should visit. There’s even a video guide there so you can watch the techniques in action!

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