Assault: What Is It? How Can An Assault Lawyer Help You?

What is an assault?

The intentional act of bodily harming a person is termed as an assault. According to the law, any kind of act has not been taken lightly by the court. It is a crime if you are intentionally hurting the other person. It is highly advisable that if you are in a situation where someone intentionally harms you then you can file a case against assault. However, assault is of different types according to the harm.

Assault is of different categories, They are classified according to the situation of a person suffering from assault. However, assaulting is such a huge crime. A person can be charged for any type of assaulting. 

Types of Assault:

  1. Common Assault: 

Such incidents that usually happen out of self-defence. By consulting a good assault lawyer will provide you the best of their knowledge on how to deal with such types of situations.

  1. Assault with an intent: An assault with intent is a serious crime which can result in prison or a fine. If you have been charged against such type of assault then you should hire a criminal defence lawyer that will advise you through the lawsuit.
  1. Serious assault: In case you have been accused of assaulting or abusing any police officer or may be any public officer then you are charged with serious assault.
  1. Assault with intent to rob: If you are found guilty of assaulting an individual with the intent to rob then you may lead to jail. It is always safer to seek advice from a good assault lawyer if you have been charged with such a crime.
  1. Assault by actual body harm: Assault that has the ability to cause inconvenience to the health of a person. It is a much more serious type of assault compared to others. It may charge you penalties and even more. 

Unlawful assault causing death:

Assaults that directly or indirectly result in the demise of a person is known as unlawful assault. Assaulting someone that results in the death of the person is a very serious matter and it requires a serious legal team to handle such cases. You will get the opportunity to discuss all the facts with a professional assault lawyer. These lawyers will give you the best service regarding assault. 

Normally, every type of assault is such a crime but if a person died due to any reason then it is a serious offence. Assault by actual bodily harm to a person and if it may lead to inconvenience to the health of a person then it is also a serious offence.

Common assault is the most occuring assault in Australia. If you are also charged under such crime then it is advisable you to hire a criminal defence lawyer in Perth. These lawyers will provide you with the best guidance regarding such types of crime. Their experienced visa lawyer will be able to guide you with the best advice. 

Advantages of hiring a Assault lawyer:

There are various advantages of hiring an assault lawyer in Perth. By hiring an assault lawyer they will provide you the best legal services. Here are some of the advantages of hiring an assault lawyer:

  • They will help you understand the legal process for the kind of situation. 
  • There are people and tactics they know in the legal system, and they know how to use them.
  • By hiring an assault lawyer it will save your lot of time and money.
  • They will provide you all the options based on your situation. 
  • Provide assistance to clients throughout the process.


A professional assault lawyer will be very helpful regarding all types of assault you are charged in. They will provide you easy assistance regarding the process by understanding all the details of the case. Hiring an assault lawyer in Perth should be very beneficial for you.  They have a highly qualified team of lawyers that will give you the best legal advice. 

By hiring an assault lawyer in Australia it will be ensured that you may get all the information about your charges that you are in. Having an assault lawyer on your side will ensure that all the details of the case are presented to the court. With their legal approach, they will be able to help clients efficiently. If you are accused of crimes that are related to assault, then contact a criminal defence lawyer right away. The best legal assistance can be obtained in Perth by hiring one.

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