AUBIKA Review – Elite Strap For Quest 2

AUBIKA is a VR Gear Company with the mission to make pro-level VR gear accessible and affordable for everyone. Their product, the 5000mAh Elite strap for Quest 2, is an ideal solution for anyone looking to enjoy their favorite VR game for 2.5x longer.

Designed with a 5000mAh battery and high-speed charging cable, it extends playtime by up to 6 hours.

AUBIKA’s products are designed to enhance your VR experience

Virtual Reality (VR) is a technology that creates an immersive and realistic experience. It is used in a number of industries to improve communication, training and convenience. VR can help with training for firefighters, astronauts and pilots, as well as provide an entertaining and engaging way to connect with colleagues and customers. It also reduces the need to travel for meetings and helps keep teams connected while on the go. Today, there are many different accessories that enhance the VR experience. These include a 3D mouse, optical trackers, wired gloves and motion controllers. The future of VR is exciting and it will continue to improve with new technology refinements. Whether you are looking for a new VR headset or a new accessory to enhance your experience, AUBIKA has got you covered.

AUBIKA’s team is passionate about VR

AUBIKA’s team of VR experts are big fans of all things immersive. They aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty to bring you the latest in virtual reality technology and gadgetry, from the newest VR headsets to the coolest accessories to help you re-create your favorite movies and games in VR. In terms of tech, AUBIKA’s most innovative inventions include a line of augmented reality products that are sure to take you and your friends to the next level in virtual reality.


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