Automated Boxing Machine in Action from Components 

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Components Company Inc. has added Little David, an automated boxing machine, to our kitting, bagging, and packaging options. This device prepares boxes for shipping to our clients by folding, taping, and sealing them. The machine is demonstrated in our video after this blog post.

Regarding Little David

The Loveshaw Little David CF-5 Case Erector Boxing and Packing Station is the official name of our boxing machine. A versatile device, the Little David. It can fold various cartons, including thicker cardboard and recycled corrugated cardboard. Additionally, it can tape and fold up to 15 cartons per minute. The Little David machine occupies very little room on the floor of our facility, and only rudimentary operator training is needed.

The Reasons We Selected This Automated Boxing Machine

We continually invest in new hardware, software, and personnel at Components Company. This investment includes significant automation in the Little David Cf-5 automated boxing machine. We are saving our customers time and money when our processes are more automated. Automation not only speeds up the projects for our clients, but it also increases our operational efficiency. An estimated 25% less time is spent on projects when the automated boxing machine is used as part of our solution.

Automated solutions, like our boxing machine, are also advantageous to our staff. When using automated machinery, they are less worn out. When our employees are not worn out, there is less chance for mistakes. To see our boxing machine in action, please see the brief video below. Please view our gallery for more Components Company videos.


The automatic boxing machine uses a high-speed distribution system to pack various containers, bottles, cans, boxes, and other items. It is also appropriate for packing partitioned boxes. The items are taken by the clip and put inside the carton after opening. The carton is released and sent to the sealing machine, controlled by a PLC and touch screen when the grab head is raised.

 The assembly line is a crucial piece of machinery for large-scale automated production because it is simple to use, manage, and reduce production staffing and labor intensity.


1. One of the benefits of a automated boxing machine is that it can reduce the number of workers needed and save labor. Labor can be saved by using industrial boxing robots to package goods. One operator can efficiently run two to three conveyor lines if conveyor belts are used simultaneously. It eliminates the need for numerous packing workers and issues like safety risks and fatigue-related product reduction.

2. Using industrial robots can ensure safe production because of the high safety factor; manual packing risks pinching hands.

3. It can raise the standard and guard against box damage. Industrial robot use can reduce secondary product pollution and enhance product excellence. Mistakes made during the manual packing process can easily ruin the box’s appearance. Due to the fixed packing procedure, automated boxing machine can prevent errors in the packing process.

4. It can reduce the inertia of manual operation, making opening and closing the mold when removed take longer. It is true whether operators work the day shift or the night shift. Additionally, employees will miss work due to personal reasons, holidays, health issues, etc., especially around the Spring Festival when there is a severe shortage of workers in the dormitory factories. There is no need to worry about worker absences interfering with production because manipulators can eliminate the inertia and fatigue of manual operation. Average production will continue unaffected by brain drain. Other than this trending topic, smitesource is also a top trend on social media these days.

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