Want to Apply for An Axis Bank Credit Cards? Check Top Choices

Want to Apply for An Axis Credit Cards? Check Top Choices
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Credit cards play a crucial role for individuals willing to borrow short-term debts. Besides, one can also enjoy great offers and deals during online shopping. However, with so many options in the market, it isn’t easy to select the best credit card

In this regard, Axis Bank Credit Cards come with loaded features and benefits. Hence customers can conveniently apply for one or more and ensure considerable savings.

Top Axis Bank Credit Cards and Their Features

Axis Bank is one of the largest private sector financial institutions offering a wide range of credit cards. Presently, this financial institution offers 11+ variants of credit cards, and each of them serves different customer requirements. From travelling to shopping to premium dining, this financial institution has a card for every segment.

Here is the list of top Axis Bank Credit Cards that customers can choose from:

1. Axis Bank Vistara Infinite Credit Card

If you are a travel enthusiast, then this is the best credit card for you. This credit card comes with the best travel benefits. This card comes with a joining and renewal fee of Rs. 10, 000.

Features and benefits

  • Applicants will get a free Vistara business class ticket as a joining gift 
  • Air accident cover of up to Rs. 2.5 Crores 
  • Spend Rs. 200 and earn 6 Club Vistara points
  • Free membership of Club Vistara

2. Axis Bank Miles and More World Credit Card

If you frequently travel with Lufthansa, Australian airlines, Swiss Air or any other airlines that fall under this segment, this should be the best credit card for you. This card is directly associated with Miles and More Mileage account. It has multiple benefits for members and cardholders. Both the joining and renewal fee is Rs. 3, 500.

Features and benefits

  • Enjoy priority pass lounge access
  • Applicants can earn up to 55, 000 miles during the first year of travel
  • Avail discounts of a minimum of 15% when dining at partner restaurants
  • Get a 1% fuel surcharge on fuel expenses

3. Axis Bank NEO Credit Card

If you require a customised credit card, look no further than Axis Bank NEO Credit Card. This card facilitates your spending requirements and offers spending benefits. For this Axis Bank Credit Card, both the joining and renewal fee is Rs. 250.

Features and benefits

  • You can earn Axis Bank EDGE reward points
  • Enjoy BookMyShow vouchers for Rs. 300
  • When swiping the card for the first time, cardholders can get an amazon voucher for up to Rs. 250
  • Minimum discount of 15% when dining at partner restaurants

4. Insta Easy Credit Card

Individuals need minimal documents to avail of this Axis Bank Credit Card. This card is available at any of the Axis Bank branches. However, the applicant needs to have a fixed deposit account with Axis Bank. Another benefit of this credit card is that it has no joining and renewal fee.

Features and benefits 

  • Applicants can get a credit limit of up to 80% of their fixed deposit 
  • A minimum of 15% discount on dining expenses
  • One can enjoy a 50-days credit free period
  • Fuel surcharge waiver of 1%

5. Axis Bank Titanium Smart Traveler Credit Card

With exclusive travel benefits and free lounge access, this best credit card from Axis Bank will make your travel more convenient and hassle-free. Moreover, such a card comes with a joining and renewal fee of Rs. 250 and Rs. 100.

Features and benefits 

  • Avail 15% discount on dining at partner restaurants and 1% fuel surcharge waiver
  • When travelling abroad, earn 8 EDGE reward points on spending Rs. 200, while within India, earn 2 EDGE reward points on a similar spending amount

Now that you know about the best credit cards offered by Axis Bank, you must fulfil certain eligibility parameters and submit documents to continue enjoying the benefits.

Eligibility and Documentation of Axis Bank Credit Card

Before applying for the best credit card offered by Axis Bank, it is essential to fulfil the eligibility parameters. 

Here are the eligibility parameters to apply for an Axis Bank Credit Card:

  • Applicants must be 18 years during the application for credit card
  • One must not be more than 70 years during credit card application
  • Must have a regular income source
  • Must possess a CIBIL score of 700 when applying for the credit card
  • In case you already have a credit card, you must show transaction proof like credit card statements from last year

Besides knowing the eligibility requirements to avail an Axis Bank Credit Card, you must submit the following documents:

  • KYC documents
  • Driver’s license
  • Income proof
  • Salary slips of last 3 months
  • Bank statement for the last 3 months
  • Audited financial records of last 2 years (self-employed)

To summarise, before selecting the best credit card, you must check out the aforementioned list to conduct a comparison. Comparing different credit cards and their associated offers will allow you to choose the best one that suits your requirements.

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