Bamboo Longboards

Whether you’re looking for a board that’s a little bit lighter and more durable, or you just want a new board that you can keep for a long time, bamboo longboards are a great choice. And they don’t just come in bamboo – you can find bamboo longboards from brands such as Quest, Magneto Bamboo Carver, Hatchet Handstand Landyachtz, and more.

Arbor Axis 40 Bamboo longboard

Whether you’re into freeriding or simply cruising the city, the Arbor Axis 40 Bamboo longboard is the perfect choice. With a low center of gravity and a medium concave, this board will provide a smooth, comfortable ride. It also features a classic, full symmetrical freeride shape.

This longboard is designed for carving and smooth downhill sessions. It has a low center of gravity, which makes it easy to ride for long periods of time. It has large wheel cutouts, which adds to its responsiveness. It also has a symmetrical shape, which makes it ideal for commuting.

The Arbor Axis 40 Bamboo longboard features an abshered Bambus-Skirt, a Carbonized Bamboo Finish Ply, eight wood panels, and a 69mm gross roll. It also has a 78a durometer wheel.

Hatchet Handstand Landyachtz

Using a combination of bamboo and maple, the feisty feisty has a lot of clout when it comes to swag factor. It may be the best ride to boot. Its small size means that it is one of the easiest to maneuver, and is a blast to boot. Whether or not you are a aficionado of the board, this board is sure to please. Featuring a modern build that is reminiscent of a well-loved cruiser, you are sure to have a blast. This plethora of hexes will provide an enjoyable ride for the duration of the day. Whether you are a novice aficionado, or a seasoned tweezer, this board should be high on your must-have list.

Magneto Bamboo Carver

Designed for a smooth, stable ride, the Magneto Bamboo Carver Longboard is built from high performance bamboo and fiberglass. It features a drop-through truck configuration for smooth turns and a chamber design for improved traction.

The deck is constructed of three plies of bamboo laminated with fiberglass for exceptional strength and flexibility. It’s a great option for beginner skateboarders. This deck is also flexible enough to allow for freestyle carving.

The Vantage Vantage V3 is another great option for carving in the neighborhood. This deck features a deep concavity for maximum control, as well as a W-Concavity to give the ultimate foot grip. It’s also designed to have a very small wheelbase.

The Magneto Hana Bamboo Maple Pintail is another great option for beginning skateboarders. This deck features a 36″ x 9.5″ wheelbase. It’s also a slightly more responsive deck than the Laguna. It also has a wider aspect ratio for carving, making it ideal for freestyle.


Whether you’re looking for a longboard for cruising or everyday use, Quest longboards will offer you everything you need. The company has been able to work with leading skateboarding companies to design some of the best longboards on the market. They have also made some of the best longboards for beginners.

The Super Cruiser Longboard is a good option for those looking for a longboard for cruising. It is 44 inches long and features a bamboo and maple deck. It also comes with 7 inch aluminum trucks that offer speed and functionality. The trucks also feature 4mm riser pads, a polished finish, and ABEC-7 carbon bearings.

The Artisan Super Longboard is a good choice for those looking for a longboard with original abstract graphics and top quality components. It features a bamboo and maple deck, durable 70mm polyurethane wheels, and rugged aluminum trucks. Its design features a kicktail for added control and optimal performance.


Taking a closer look at the NAURO bamboo longboards, you will find that the board has some of the latest and greatest technology in the form of 7 aircraft aluminum alloy trucks, ABEC 9 RS high speed chrome steel bearings and a sleek 69mm x 55mm HR78A soft-medium wheel set. The ABEC 9 RS high speed chrome-steel bearings offer smooth cruising and precise riding, while the 69mm x 55mm HR78A wheels deliver the speed and acceleration you would expect from a modern day longboard.

This board is made up of a five ply maple wood core and features a two ply bamboo bottom layer for added durability and controllable flex. The best part about this board is that you can customize it to your exact specifications.

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