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sandhan valley trek

Sandhan Valley is home to one of India’s most beautiful herbal gardens. This canyon is located within the Sahyadri Mountains and is considered one of the most difficult and risky trek routes. The Valley of Shadows is named because daytime doesn’t collect the valley floor. Sandhan Valley can be found just a short distance from Igatpuri and Bhandardara.

Sandhan Valley Trek is more than just a hike. It also includes rappelling, mountain climbing and bonfires. Alang, Madan and Kulang are the three forts that surround the Sandhan Valley. These forts are known as the AMK Forts.

Why should you go on the Sandhan Valley Trek

It is an unforgettable experience to walk through the narrow valley, which has 200-foot rock partitions for each element. The entire Sandhan valley can be climbed, but it is a wonderful experience. A single day spent at the reservoir facet below the stars is the cherry on top. Sandhan valley can be found near Samrad village, on the western side of the beautiful Bhandardara region.

The valley is surrounded with the strong forts Alang Madan, Kulang, and Madan. These forts form the AMK Trek, Sahyadri’s most difficult trek. The first five-400-foot peaks of Maharashtra’s mountain ranges are Ratangad and Ajoba. Kalsubai Peaks is the second. Ghatghar dam, a nearby spot for tenting in Maharashtra, is a great undiscovered spot.

Trekking Season in Sandhan Valley

This journey can be started at any moment. This is a difficult task that can be accomplished at any time of the year. However, you should not do this at any time other than summer. It will be difficult to enjoy the trek as the temperature rises. You may lose most of your strength by having to endure the heat. You can do the trek at any time of year, whether it is winter, autumn or monsoon.

Sandhan’s Rappelling

It is only a small area, with a width of 3 feet. Solar rays cannot even get inside the ground. You can access the gorge’s give-up by going through water pools. The extent of these pools varies according to the season. Water reaches the waist in winter and the knees in summer.

The valley’s give up offers spectacular views due to its cliffs and deep valleys. One patch can be climbed down as many times as you like, up to forty-five feet on the top.

Driving Directions to Sandhan Valley

Distance between Mumbai and Sandhan Valley: 199 km

Sandhan Valley may be reached via Igatpuri and Bhavali – Kalyan – Kasara – Igatpuri – Bhavali – Ambewadi – Vasali Phata – Varaghushi Phata – Shendi Bhandardara – Panzare – Udhawne – Ghatghar Dam – Samrad village

Distance between Pune and Sandhan Valley: 248 km

Via Sangamner Pune – Narayangaon – Alephata – Akole – Rajur – Randha falls – Ratanwadi phata – Shendi Bhandardara – Panzare – Ghatghar Dam – Samrad

Samrad Village can be accessed through teaching

A Central Railway train from Mumbai to Kasara is the best way to reach Sandhan Valley. It takes about 40 minutes and takes approximately four hours, according to the teacher. It is a good idea to check the Kasara teaching schedule in advance. Although Igatpuri can be taught, Kasara has more options than Igatpuri. It also has more nearby trains than Igatpuri.


The Valley of Shadows, and its environs

It is an amazing discovery to discover Bhandardara (30 kilometers) in the hills of Samrad. It is a lot less crowded than the Maharashtra hill stations. Sandhan Valley is an excellent area to enjoy the beautiful, rugged scenery. The Wilson Dam is a well-known landmark in Bhandardara. It was built on Arthur Lake.

Bhandardara lake also offers tenting facilities. Although there are many campsites nearby, only eleven will be visible from a drone camera. Bhandardara’s campsites offer excellent food, barbecue, boat rides, and are a great place to camp with your family, friends, or alone.

Temple of Amruteshwar

11th century Shiva Temple located in Ratanwadi village 10 km from Samrad. Ratanwadi also serves as the starting point for a trek towards Ratangad.

The Sandhan Valley Trek is difficult

Trekking is generally physically demanding. Walking for 6 hours or more in a day on a particular terrain can be a challenge. These journeys need to be completed before you can hike. You should be in top physical condition and have all necessary equipment.

It is not an easy trek. It is a difficult trek, even though most of it is downhill. Large boulders are a challenge. Ropes and mountain climbing can help to increase the difficulty. On a scale from five, this trek received a score of 3.7%.

Summary of the Journey

Sahyadri Trek is an amazing adventure that combines outdoor sports like rappelling with time in the great outdoors. Samrad village is surrounded with the AMK forts Madan, Kulang, and Alang. You can also descend to Dehne village to begin the Ajoba hill trekking.

Dehne village is served by state buses. Asangaon railway station is served by state buses. The journey back to Samrad village takes approximately 4 to 5 hours. Samrad Village is found in Ghatghar District of Ahmednagar State (India). Samrad is located close to Rajur and Sinnar, Sangamners, Nashik, Junnar and Shirdi.

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