Benefits of Choosing Android App Development

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For almost every enterprise, one of the most crucial questions that need to be answered prior to getting started with the app development process is always – Which application development platform should they target?

While this is a pretty pertinent question, it addresses just half of the business concerns. There are many other important aspects that need to be considered, without which it is not really possible for any application to experience success. And the list is closely related to the application users. Do you know that nearly 24 percent of the users do not even open an application just after its first use?

If you do not want your application to be simply discarded in the same way then you need to focus on everything that can help you create a great business app, and most importantly that mobile platform that should be targeted and the reasons behind it.

And when it comes to choosing from the different mobile application development platforms, there’s always a major clash between the two most popular ones – Android that’s powered by Google and iOS that’s engineered by iOS. Apple and Google, both follow different ways of operating the platforms and greatly vary from each other in different aspects like their functionalities, costs, and restrictions. However, as per the current market share statistics, the favour goes to android app development.

According to a recent report, it is seen that now Android conquers nearly 78 percent of the worldwide market share, which is a lot more as compared to what iOS holds. This makes it clear that if you need a wider customer base for your mobile application, your app should run on Android.

Apart from this huge market count, you might want to know the other factors that make Android a better platform to invest in for application development. After all, having proper knowledge about anything is always better than just assuming, isn’t it?

So, here you have the key reasons to choose Android as your application development platform.

A massive and enriched community of Android developers:

The Android developers’ community is well-established and is huge. This platform has over 300 carriers, hardware, and software partners, who always help and assist you during different stages of the development process, making it effortless and smooth for you. This massive community support also keeps on nourishing the newbies in this field, always helping them to learn something.

Developer-friendly tools and technologies:

Android is considered a better choice when it comes to application development platforms because even the beginners can easily work on it, even when he or she does not have much technical expertise. The platform’s SDK that is Software Development Kit can be easily downloaded at any point of time along with Eclipse, the official IDE for Android. Making the right use of the developer-friendly tools of this platform, you can build an Android application within hours. Android Studio has now revamped with cutting-edge features and tools by Google.

Also, with android, developers do not have to come across any stringent hardware restrictions or requirements just like iOS that needs expensive tools like Mac and XCode for supporting the IDE.

Higher Return of Investment:

With more number of customers from different regions of the world, the platform always ensures a much higher ROI as compared to the other application development platforms.

An effective marketplace:

Android applications are submitted and found in the Google Play Store that is much more prompt, responsive, and efficient, especially when it comes to app approval. In contrast to the iOS app store that takes too long to approve and app, Android’s marketplace approves applications just within two or a few days.

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Futuristic advancements:

No matter what type of app it is and for what purpose it is built, you will always get the most out of it with the maximum number of downloads and users and with big earnings in the market.

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