Benefits of Playing Speed Ludo Game Online

Speed Ludo has always been a popular board game amongst people of all ages. The fun of playing, arguing, cheating, and even turning the board upside down during a match can bring human beings closer. However, with the emerging trend of mobile and computer games with digital transformation and the lack of time in people’s busy schedules, people now prefer to play Ludo online.

Speed Ludo Becomes Top Money-Earning App

Online Speed Ludo is not a game but an emotion. The excitement of playing, arguing, cheating, and even turning the board upside down during games can bring relatives and friends closer. However, with the emerging trend of digital transformation and mobile and computer games, and the lack of time in people’s busy schedules, people prefer to play Ludo online.

Benefits of Playing Speed Ludo Game

Board games like Rush Ludo help improve logical reasoning, critical thinking, and spatial reasoning. It can motivate you to concentrate for lengthy periods and helps make you confident enough to win.

Speed Ludo Develops Numeracy Ability

The board game is an effective tool. It helps to develop numeracy ability and positional language for children. Ludo ideally reinforces the concepts of colors, counting, and shapes.

Earn Money While Playing Speed Ludo

Not just that, you earn money while you play online Speed Ludo anytime, anywhere. It gives you the freedom from different pots and wins lucrative offers.

You can play Ludo on PlayerzPot with 2 to 4 players, with everyone getting their designated token color. However, the rules of this game are different from the basic Ludo game you play.

To kickstart your game, eliminate the opponents’ tokens and round off the game in the end zone to win.

Playerzpot has extraordinary features like quick matchmaking, high-end payment security, real cash prizes, responsible gaming, a fair play policy, great experience, real cash prizes, fastest withdrawal, dedicated customer support, and an instant withdrawal process.

Know How Speed Ludo is Different from Basic Ludo

Speed Ludo rules are never similar to the basic Ludo and Snake and Ladder games you play. So, while playing it, try remembering the following rules:

  • Move your token clockwise, and depending on the dice number rolled. You get one point when your pawns move through the square.
  • Get +20 points when you capture your opponent’s token, and your 20 points get deducted when your opponent has your pawns.
  • Each time you get a bonus if you roll a six. However, this happens twice. If you get a six thrice, your chance gets canceled, and your opponent gets the opportunity to roll the dice.
  • In Speed Ludo, you have the secured spots. Thus, if your pawn is here, none can capture you. 

Besides these, there are other rules as well. However, these are the most significant ones you should remember.

Start Your Ludo Journey with Strategy 

Since Ludo is a strategy board game, you should use master strokes and a winning strategy. You need to choose the four players and determine who will take the arms in the game to play the ludo game with your family members. Next, all should roll the dice to get six and unlock the pawn turn by turn.

However, some tips and tricks may help you in Online Speed Ludo and earn money while playing on Playerzpot.

Significant Hacks for Ludo Earn Money 

  • Grab the Opponent’s Tokens 

Ludo is all about sending the opponent’s tokens back to their play yard by grabbing them. 

  • Try to block The Opponent’s Tokens 

Observe the proceedings and block the opponent’s tokens.

  • Decide Your Gameplay 

Everyone has unique gameplay. Make your strategy before starting the game. Play safe to improve your chance of winning.  

Final Takeaways

The 2-4 player non-deterministic Ludo game download has become a top money-making app. It works by rolling the player’s pieces into a winning location. Besides social interactions, Ludo builds your logical thinking capability, interpersonal skills & other cognitive skills to enjoy victory and learn from defeat.

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